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Wildlife Conservation Practices In Cambodia Essay

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Wildlife conservation is a practice which aims to protect plant and animal species and their habitat. According to Endangered Species of Cambodia (n.d.), Kouprey, known as Forest Ox in English, is considered to be endangered as it was estimated that fewer than 50 koupreys are left in the world. In addition to this, Wild Water Buffaloes, which have undergone a great decline in number and have only few population now, are reported as endangered in the IUCN Red List since 1986 since the total remaining population is less than 4000. In response to these great drops, wildlife conservation was founded in order to save wildlife from becoming extinct. As the result of this establishment, wildlife ...view middle of the document...

Secondly, wildlife conservation is used to save endangered species by raising human awareness regarding some particular values provided by wildlife. As described in Global Studies 302, wildlife is very crucial for human beings due to four main values it has. Those include beauty, economic value, scientific value, and survival value. Conservation agents have used these values as an attraction to catch the interest of the public to veer onto preserving wildlife, which makes them enjoy the long-term values mentioned rather than the short-term and temporary ones. This approach is so effective in preserving endangered species, for the values which had been ignored before are somewhat worthy now.
Last but not least, one of wildlife action goals is to minimize poaching, trespassing and other illegal activities that result in dramatic drop in the number of animal species. All classifications of scarce wildlife including rare species, threatened species, and especially endangered ones are vulnerable to illegal poaching, the main motives of which are for trading, home consumption, pleasure and so on. According to 11 Facts about Poaching Animals (n.d.), there is a decrease in elephant population both in Asian and African in account of unlawful hunting committed by some poachers; thus, both Asian and African elephants now are considered endangered. We can conclude that poaching has contributed to the extinction of wildlife. Regarding this, conservation agents have incorporated unlawful poaching prevention as one...

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