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The Wildlife Conservation Society is a widespread organization that mission is to protect and preserve the wilderness. They protect any type of wild animal that is near extinction or in any kind of danger. Although their major goal is to protect all wildlife that needs it, they know education is the first step into succeeding. The more people that are educated on the world’s problems, the more people will start to get involved and help out in any way they can. Knowing this, they also try and educate people on the major problems that are currently going on in the world. They have programs, all around the globe, that people can go to, so they can get taught on what they can do to help. This ...view middle of the document...

This near extinction was due to the hunting going on from Indian tribes, located in the United States. It was not until 1905 that the Wildlife Conservation Society stepped in and created a campaign to try and recover this American symbol. They first tried to restore natural habitats, so the American Bisons could fully interact the way they did since the beginning. The organization’s efforts were more than successful; Today there is almost 500,000 Bison out in the wild. Although they have tremendously increased the Bison’s population, they are not done yet. They continue to work with the habitats of the Bisons, so they could decrease the possibility of a near extinction in the future. Other success stories include the creation of nocturnal species in the Bronx Zoo because of the organization's idea of recreating natural habitats for these animals. Before this new project, there was no zoo that had a nocturnal species exhibit in the world. It may not seem as a major impact, but without the creation of a nocturnal species’ exhibit many people would not be able to educate themselves on the nocturnal wildlife.
The last environment impact was they were the first ones to record human observations from the bottom of the sea. This was due to the collaboration from William Beebe. His research lead him to an undersea vessel that took him less than a mile under the ocean. Today observing the deep sea is vital because of the space it takes up in the biosphere. By observing the deep sea, scientist can try and uncover many of the mysteries it has that could have a huge impact in our lives.
The Wildlife Conservation Society not only has a major influence on the environment but also on society. One of their biggest concerns is to raise public awareness of what conservation is and what society can do to help. They have developed many programs throughout the world to help young children and adults learn about the natural world. This commitment has lead to such great success stories, like the American Bison. The more people they have on board, the better and easier it is to protect these animals. If public awareness is not raised,...

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