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Wildlife Forensics And Investigation Essay

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Wildlife forensics is fairly uncharted territory to the investigation process of the criminal justice system today. This is because the criminal justice system has only recently discovered that wildlife crime is increasing and that the needs to successfully investigate a wildlife crime are quite different than those of a homicide. To understand the importance of wildlife forensics, what constitutes as “wildlife crime” must be distinguished. Also, knowing what makes wildlife crime so desirable is a good start at learning what preventative measures to take. What is considered wildlife crime, why this type of crime is rising, and the forensic scientist’s roles and significance of DNA are all ...view middle of the document...

Similar to the example used in bio-terrorism and domestic security, the selling of tusks or horns may finance weapons purchases of terrorist groups, which would be categorized within international terrorism. Poaching is a very broad term; poaching can mean hunting in an off-season, killing more deer than a hunter has tags for, etc. Food security can be a very harmful crime because of its ability to endanger a large population. An example of food security would be fraudulently labeled food being brought into the US for distribution. According to SWG “wildlife crime makes up the third largest form of illegal international trade” (SWG, 2012, p4). The two leading forms are drugs and weapons.
As discussed earlier, there are many things that are considered poaching. It can mean the taking or killing of an animal without a license or permit, taking over the allotted limit, trespassing, the use of a prohibited weapon or trap system, taking during an off-season or inside the land lines of a park, and the taking of a prohibited sex or life stage. According to the SWG article, “non-human crimes also include the theft of rare plants and commercially, ecologically, and culturally important timber species” (SWG, 2012, p5). The issue with poaching is that it diminishes the resources and limits the opportunities for genuine hunters to draw certain tags which are necessary to participate. Lawful hunting has established “over 700,000 jobs nationwide, generating $17 billion in salaries and wages” (SWG, 2012, p5). The illegal hunting of an animal or poaching can be very alluring to some people. Unfortunately, the fine associated with non-human crimes is considerably low. Furthermore, the profit margin is substantially high for certain wildlife life crimes such as the exploitation of rare plants. The most troubling matter concerning poaching is that “60 percent of poachers are people who are involved in other criminal...

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