Wildlife Preservation Essay

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Wildlife Preservation

You hear about it all the time, and you read bout it in newspapers and magazines on how some nearby wildlife habitat is going to be torn up by an army of machinery and turned into a Super Wall Mart with a parking lot that’s big enough to fit five thousand cars. Is this really necessary? Is there a need to take every last bit of our wildlife at the expense of our capitalist society? It seems that humanity’s interactions with wildlife has been based on ignorance and the self-interest of the persons involved. The termination of wildlife and it habitats must be reversed for the sake of all of us, the land and wildlife, and future generations to come. If you are a true believer in the preservation of wildlife, here are some organizations that have the same view as you.
The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is an organization that has currently set aside thousands of acers of land to enhance the habitat of wildlife. Inventors of the National Heritage Project, which was created for protecting threatened and endangered species as well as natural areas in danger of being taken over by the next Wall Mart Corporation so to speak. Over 10,000 acres have been declares TVA land for the use of ecological studies areas, naturel habitat areas, and wildlife observation areas. It takes much time and effort from many people to have the ability and power to preserve and dedicate land for it’s natural growth. And unfortunately, it also takes a lot of money as a key component to make a change in preservation.

The Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society runs fund-raising campaigns which contribute to its cash flow and success in preserving land. The Green Ribbon Campaign is one of a few fundraisers that is offered by the NWPS. By having a day dedicated to Earth Day Awareness, NWPS asks the help of charities, corporate sponsors and the general public to support them and the environment by the help of donations. Another charity organization is the Wildlife Preservation Trust Canada.

“Wildlife Preservation Trust Canada is a dynamic non-profit charitable organization devoted to saving highly endangered animal species facing extinction in Canada and internationally. This is accomplished through focused species conservation and professional training programs, complemented by education and outreach programs.” (http://www.wptc.org/) It’s plain to see that there are people out in our society that don’t think twice about what happens to their ecosystem and wildlife when hundreds if not thousands of acres of land are being destroyed for the grounds of a mall that’s being built within miles of yet another mega-complex shopping center. And there are those who do care about wildlife preservation and get involved with local organizations for preservation for generations to come. The people at Green Peace, one of the most recognized wildlife organization have come together to form a group of...

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