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Wildlife Trafficking Essay

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By design, these courses help law enforcement officials seek out, investigate, arrest, and process criminals that are involved with wildlife crimes. Examples of this training are wildlife identification, investigation surveillance, interviewing suspects, handling of evidence, report writing, trading of wildlife on the internet, and other related courses (FREELAND documents). These courses take place both in the classroom and in the field. The training is competency-based and students are evaluated and critiqued on their daily training performance plus their performance on daily practical exercises. At the end of the training period there are final written exams that test for competency on all lectures and field exercises the student encountered during the training.

Project Purpose
The purpose of this research project is to evaluate the effectiveness of ASEAN-WEN programs by wildlife examining crime arrest rates in Thailand before and after 2005, the year that ASEAN-WEN began operations. The project will give a clearer picture of ASEAN-WEN efficacy by answering the following key questions:

Have arrest rates and seizures increased since ASEAN-WEN began in 2005, and if so, by how much?
Where have the arrests occurred? Are we seeing trends in the movement of wildlife crime and trafficking?
What are the penalties related to these arrests in terms of incarceration and monetary fines?

Some secondary findings may be found, for example, trends in animal and plant species that are being trafficked. Will changing trends in species that are poached or trafficked be found?
Reviewing this data will reveal a clearer picture of the efficacy of ASEAN-WEN and related Thailand enforcement agencies. To date there has been no formal academic review of these arrests in Thailand that the researcher has been able to find.

Literature Review

Background of Green Criminology and Wildlife Crime.

Today there is a growing body of academic literature centered around environmental crime, and within this study of environment crime, the illegal wildlife trade is an area that is starting to draw more research interest.
The term 'green criminology' is now used for this emerging field within criminology. An encompassing definition of green criminology is the study by criminologists of environmental harm and destruction, environmental laws, and their related...

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