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Wildlife Trafficking In The U.S. Essay

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Globalization is the relations between countries involving matters such as trade, healthcare, or environment. The issue of globalization expands far beyond off shore drilling, however. Issues such as wildlife trafficking have become topics of globalization. Wildlife trafficking has always been seen as a third-world problem; however, the illegal trafficking of animals now involves the United States.
Though it has a bad reputation, not all wildlife trade and trafficking is illegal. According to Globalization 101, the legal international wildlife trade industry brings in approximately $300 billion and 95% of the wildlife brought in to the United States is approved (Trade). In other countries, such as Brazil and Kenya, the amount of illegal wildlife is far greater (Trade). The illegal trade industry accumulates billions of dollars, giving it constitution to be recognized as the second largest illegal trade behind illegal drugs (Trade). Even importing or exporting caviar illegally is considered illegal wildlife trafficking (Trade). In Brazil, for example, Globalization 101 states that 38 million animals are illegally trafficked out of Brazil each year (Trade). 90% of these animals die during the trafficking process (Trade). Though 95% of the United States’ wildlife trade is legal and approved, the other illegal 5% comes from the purchase of jaguar skins and rare birds from Brazil; along with other items purchased from other countries (Trade). According to Facts on File, the U.S. is a major component in the purchase of illegal wildlife (U.S. will). Though it may seem surprising, illegal wildlife trafficking has crossed U.S. borders. For example; recently, two men in California were prosecuted for illegally purchasing and importing horns from white and black rhinos, an endangered species (Pair). More and more Americans are being educated about illegal wildlife trafficking because of reports like that of the case in California. Additionally, social networking has become an advocate of illegal wildlife trafficking.
On Facebook, a petition has been circulating and re-circulating since 2011. This petition rallies the reader to sign it in protest of a novelty keychain sold in China. This keychain contains a live turtle, lizard, frog, goldfish etc. living in a sealed plastic tube filled with water (Live). The sealed tube supposedly contains enough oxygen to allow the animal to live for a few days (Live). After the air runs out, the merchants are to warn the customer to release the animal so that it does not die (Live). Though the merchants of said key chains have a disclaimer in warning the customers to release the animal, the information given to the customer is false. According to David Neale, the animal welfare director of Animals Asia, the animal is on death row the minute the tube is sealed (Live). The animal may have oxygen in the tube, but only for a very short amount of time; combined with the lack of food, the animal will most likely not survive...

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