Wiles Of Men And Other Stories By Salwa Bakr.

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The word empowerment means to give somebody a sense of confidence or self-esteem. The word repression means the process of suppressing somebody or the condition of having political, social, or cultural freedom controlled by force. "That Beautiful Undiscovered Voice", tells a story of a woman, Sayyida, who on her own, discovers that she has this beautiful voice and uses that voice to empower herself and get away from repression. After being married and having four kids, she is withheld from the freedoms of life. She is restricted to house cleaning, cooking, shopping for food, taking care of her husband, Abdul Hamid.Most women are forced to marry young and drop out of school, and it becomes difficult to free them from poverty and enable them to become equal participants in society. Women are restricted to domestic work and childbearing, and education and jobs aren't accessible to them. But when Sayyida discovers this voice, this freedom, she is thought to be crazy and rejected by society.Just like a lot of women are when they decide to talk about their issues. Such as when women wanted the right to vote, the right to have an equal wage as men, and the right to have the same opportunities as men in the work force. People thought that it was a crazy idea, and was automatically rejected by society. Thousands of determined women distributed countless petitions, and gave speeches in churches, convention halls, meeting houses and on street corners for suffrage. They published newspapers, pamphlets, and magazines. They were harassed and attacked by mobs and police. Some women were thrown in jail, and when they protested with hunger strikes they were brutally force-fed (Gates). Still they persisted, like Sayyida thought she was rejected twice for her the discovery of her beautiful voice.Finally, on August 26, 1920, after protests, rejection, humiliation, that they had they won their goal with the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution for the right to vote (Gates).Women have been fighting to be equal to men for a long time now. Even in this day and age women still don't get the same exact treatment as men. Up to until a few years ago, even after women were supposed to be equal legally, they still only made about 70 or 80 cents for every dollar that a man made. Also, women don't get a lot of the job advancement/promotions as men. Though the fight for more equality in the world continues, women all over the world continue to show a great deal of enhancement for rights. Society is now more willing to listen to women ideas, more wiling to give them higher position, and more willing to give them as much equal wage as the men.But unlucky for Sayyida, at the end of her story she winded up keeping her voice silent to herself. Her life of freedom with her voice was miraculous and important to her. She felt empowered that she had this voice given from god and thought that others would appreciate it. But they didn't hear the voice that she heard....

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