Will Adoption Records Become A Reality For Adoptees?

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Would you want to know about your family if you were adopted? For some adoptees, family mystery is a reality. Some experts think that knowing their biological family will interfere with their relationship with their adopted parents, although others say that it can help with genetic diseases like melanoma and can help them learn about their family medical history. In this essay, you will hear both sides to this subject. What do you think, should adoptees know their history, or should their family remain a mystery?

Some experts believe that closed adoption records are good. Open adoption records on demand creates the perception that the relationship between the biological family and the ...view middle of the document...

Some genetic diseases requires family members to give blood, or an organ, and if you don’t know who your family is, your life could be at risk if you get seriously ill. Some people say that birth parents do not want to be found by their biological children, but that is only true for five percent of the population of all biological parents worldwide (Parmley). I’ve seen a lot of video’s of adoptee reunited with their biological parents, and they do not seem upset about it. The parents seem elated to see their children again, and want to keep in touch. Most relationships are more like brother/sister relationships and do not interfere with their adopted parent anyway. You have heard adoption stories in general, now you can hear about it on a personal level.

In Pennsylvania, people are also fighting to open up birth records. In 1984, Pennsylvania started sealing original documents, and will grant access to and adult adoptee, but only with their birth parents consent (Anne Heesen). Some adoptees need their birth documents, so they can find their birth parents. My question is, how are you supposed to get your biological parents consent, if you do not even know who our biological parents are without your birth records? Birth parents and children are finding each other all the time, but...

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