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Will Robots One Day Rule The World?

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Hollywood has intrigued us with its prediction for decades. In almost all Hollywood movies that feature artificial intelligence, all researchers have created surrogate humans and robots that threaten humans' existence. If you believe in all these, it is no doubt that you would think that AI research had not moved on since the late 1950s. Will artificial intelligent robots one day rule the world? It is still early to say. Is it supported by most people as ethical and economic arose by the development of artificial intelligence? But it is the fact that AI research was moving fast on its way since 1950s.What is artificial intelligence (AI)?○1Artificial intelligence is the study of intelligent behaviour in machines. In the 1980s, AI research focused on creating machines that could solve problems and reason like humans. One of the most difficult problems in artificial intelligence is consciousness. A consciousness is a sense of one's personal or collective identity, including the attitudes, beliefs, and sensitivities held by or considered characteristic of an individual or group. But scientists have found it difficult getting robots to carry out even the simplest of cognitive tasks. .Turing TestIn 1950, mathematician Alan Turing designed a test to identify whether a machine displayed intelligence. In the Turing Test, two people (A and B) sit in a closed room, while an interrogator (C) sits outside. Person A tries to fool the interrogator about their gender, while person B tries to assist the interrogator in their identification. The Turing test suggested a machine take the place of person A. If the machine consistently fooled the human interrogator, it was likely to be intelligent.Development of AI in last decade○2Robots have been around us for centuries in different forms. In the last decade, the development has jumped a big step.1996 A robo-tuna developed by MIT scientist Michael S. Triantafyllou is tested in a water tank.Honda unveils the P-2 (prototype 2), a humanoid robot that can walk, climb stairs and carry loads.1997May World chess champion Garry Kasparov loses to IBM's Deep Blue supercomputer.July Nasa's pathfinder spacecraft touches down on Mars. It releases the Sojourner robot carry out science experiments for the space agency.The first RoboCup football tournament is held in Nagoya, Japan.1998October Nasa launches the Deep Space 1 autonomous spacecraft which will test technologies to be used in future missions crewed and conducted solely by robots.1999May Sony releases the first Aibo electronic dogs that sell out within 20 minutes of going on sale.Personal Robots releases the Cye robot that can be used to perform a variety of household chores.2000October The UN estimates that there are 742,500 industrial robots in use worldwide. More than half of these are being used in Japan.November A Computational neurobiologist from the Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago, US, hooks up a lamprey brain to sensors in order to...

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