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Will Technology Be The Revolution That Causes The Fashion Industry To Change Completely For The Better?

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As we grow, it seems impossible to survive in the modern world. People go either “smart or digital,” clothing is no exception. The world of technology is consistently always changing. It is almost just as fast as the latest fashion trends. Fashion and hi-tech companies are working together to bringing a person’s style into a completely new level. We are still in the dark ages of Nano fibers but in the near future you can expect to buy a shirt that comes in a can or a light up dress that will literally make a girl the spot light of the night. Technology is taking over the fashion industry and helping it to make it safer and more helpful for people.
One market that does earn innovation in apparel, it is the armed forces. A suit must protect a soldier while keeping them comfortable. “The military requires lighter, more durable uniforms and apparel loaded with high-performance characteristics to meet the needs of today's men and women in arms”(McCurry 2). Textiles that contain electro spun Nano fibers are one of the few technologies that will generations of military clothing. Flame resistance and climate change protection on top of the list of performance qualities. Flame resistant wasn’t the biggest priority for the U.S. military until after the war in Iraq. “That changed quickly as improvised explosive devices (IEDs) began taking a significant toll on soldiers, and suddenly, FR soared as a primary military need”(McCurry).
“Fashion Seal Healthcare, a brand of Superior Uniform Group, recently launched its exclusive. Hi-Risk/Identification Patient Gown, designed to help caregivers put patient safety first, without sacrificing comfort or functionality”(Healthcare1). Created with industrial-laundry-friendly fabrics. Medelita is one of the top distributors of scrubs and lab coats offer a complete line for men and women of the medical apparel. They are made of innovative performance fabrics that show functionality, extreme comfort & mobility. “Drirelease® with FreshGuard® fabric resists pilling and fading while the moisture wicking and bacteriostatic fabric lends odor-free comfort”(Healthcare).
Textile Design is one of those fields that seems to never changing all that much. Wallpaper is wallpaper, fabric is just fabric, and a rug is just a rug. But, now a bunch of new of tech-savvy designers are adding futuristic twists to everything from carpets, clothes, and more. Some of these designs are extremely avant-garde go mainstream. But won’t be long till society sees a person walking down the street wearing one of these impressive textiles.
“Tight-fitting T-shirts and hipster jeans would get even snugger if you could just spray them on” (Ganapati 1). Imperial College London and the company Fabrican have worked together and invented a liquid mixture that lets you spray clothes directly onto a person’s body by using aerosol technology. Aerosol is a substance that is enclosed under pressure, able to be released in a fine spray. Once the spray dries, it...

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