Will The World Really End In 2012?

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December 21, 2012: This date has many people wondering why scientists and researchers assume the world will come to an end. Generally, everyone is captivated on the concept of the world’s execution. Hollywood even created a film based on 2012. But is the world really going to come to an end? Are we really going to die because of some calendar that is almost done? Is a giant flare from the sun going burn us all, or an enormous volcanic eruption from a super volcano going to destroy the earth? Considering how we were to have a meltdown in 2000, it is unlikely the world will end. So the talk about the world ending in 2012 could just be that; talk. However, there is scientific evidence that shows the following could contribute to some damage of earth: the Mayan calendar, a solar flare, or a volcanic eruption.
One of the three concepts of scientific evidence that shows how time is short is the ancient Mayan calendar also known as the Divine calendar (Lungold Ian, 2009)The Mayan’s would use it to predict many things in the future to come, and also figure out the past. The calendar can be very accurate when it comes to great events such as: the American Revolution and the two World Wars (Sky, 2009). As to how they predicted those events? Combing two of their calendars; The Tzolk’in, which has 260 days, and the Haab’, which has 365 days. When these were together it would form a cycle called Calendar Round, which had about 52 years in a cycle, roughly a length of a generation. What many scientists have written about the Mayan calendar is that it is more accurate than our own calendar; so accurate that the Mayan’s could predict a solar eclipse in the future (Pincheck, 2009). So if they somehow predicted the World Wars, then could they be right about 2012? Scientists find that the Mayan’s predicted that the sun will rise and create a rift in the Milky Way, which as they labelled it a black hole. 5 years ago, astronomers had found a black hole in the Milky Way. Theory is that the earth will be in an exact alignment with the sun and the Milky Way, which happens once every 25,800 years. But no one knows what will happen when the three align; except, the Mayan’s. They believe that it could be catastrophic (Decoding The Past, 2007)The theory that scientists and Mayan’s have come up with is that when the earth, the sun and the Milky Way are aligned; the poles would shift and cause major destruction: from earthquakes to tsunami’s, and forest fires (Decoding The Past, 2007). It does sound farfetched, but there is evidence that the Mayan’s could be right for about 2012.
While scientists and geologists get a better understanding of the Mayan calendar, astronomers look at the sun as another way of the world ending. Many don’t know, but the sun does have storms called solar flares. Astronomers say that the earth will come to an end, but it is unlikely it won’t be 2012; more so around 4 billion years from now when the sun looses all of its hydrogen in the center,...

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