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Shooting a basketball can take a lot of skill. For some people making a basket is easy for others, it can be difficult. Many say that using the square on the backboard helps the ball go into the hoop. The only way to see if that is true or not is to do multiply experiments. I will test this by having 30 people shoot from the corner, the wing, and the free throw. I will have each shoot 5 shots without the backboard and 5 shots with using the backboard.
First off, even scientists believe that using the backboard helps the ball go through the hoop. They say that it is more effective on close range shots. The power and the spin of the basketball does affect the accuracy of the shot greatly. ...view middle of the document...

(n.d.). Retrieved March 22, 2014). The blue and green areas are where the direct shot is more effective than the bank. They are saying that it takes a lot of training to get good at using the backboard effectively. Also they think that NBA players shouldn’t start to abuse the backboard because it is a more successful shot to make. The game would be boring and even less people would want to watch it. A lot of basketball fans like to watch basketball because of the difficulty about making a shot.
If a player wants to learn how to use the bank shot they should start closer to the basket. Also they should start from the wing, shooting from the top or the side is harder to learn. When banking from the wing you aim high because the ball hitting the square at the top would help the chances of the ball going in.

Engineers at North Carolina State University researched the bank shot and they came up with the idea that a person has a better chance to score the game winning shot with a bank shot. They simulated one million shots with a computer and the bank shot is 20 percent more effective when shooting at many angles up to 12 feet from the basket. Straight shots from the area directly behind the free throw line are where the bank shot is less effective.
The researchers have made many charts and tables showing that the bank shot is really only useful or effective from the wing. Any other spot from the court you are better off draining the swish. The researcher took shots 6, 7, and 8 feet back, they also applied 3 hertz of backspin on the ball. They said the backspin of the ball is a huge factor of shooting a basketball. When you shoot a ball with no backspin it can’t roll off...

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