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Will We Be Living In A World Like Oceania Soon?

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Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "When a whole nation is roaring Patriotism at the top of its voice, I am fain to explore the cleanness of its hands and purity of its heart" (Naked Eye View). When investigating the integrity of the overly patriotic country of Oceania in George Orwell's 1984, one discovers that there is an extreme lack of regard for the values which modern day citizens typically cherish. In Oceania, rudimentary concepts such as independent thought, the right to privacy and free speech are nonexistent. Is there anything to be learned from such an undesirable form of society? Alarming connections can be made to real-world government activities inside the United States when you take a close look at the cruel and unusual world of Oceania.
Many of the authoritarian notions inside the world of 1984 would hit modern day people of free nations as being out of control. Such total violations of individual liberties would most likely cause most American citizens to be loaded with a powerful desire to bring about a change in their government, and a sense of frustration and anger. Can you imagine how the United States’ citizens would respond if telescreens were abruptly to become a part of their everyday living? These devices play an important role in 1984, as they supervise the citizens virtually everywhere they go and cannot ever actually be turned off, unless you're a high government status. It was one of the prime devices utilized in catching Winston, and numerous other people who committed crimes against the government (Orwell 197). However, oftentimes the misdeeds that are being pledged are not actions of rape, killing, or abuse. Instead, the telescreens are assisting to lock away people who do not take part in their mandatory morning activities, or unintentionally mutter a negative comment about their leader, to them only known as "Big Brother" (Orwell 28). The madness of Oceania does not halt with just telescreens, however. The Party assists to regulate the general sentiment of its constituents by taking entire command of the production of, well, most everything. Novels, razor blades, TV, coffee, pornography, gin and chocolate are all made and distributed by the government. If citizens are able to find it from an outside source, it's looked upon as illegal contraband. Time is even controlled by the Party. Through a method Orwell calls “doublethink," the Party psychologically manipulates its people to accept a certain taught history, even when the reality appears like it should be apparent to a most of the people (Orwell 31). It's not hard to glimpse that the world depicted in 1984 is one where the government sustains unjust command of every aspect of one’s life.
A lot of readers might see many of the notions in the novel 1984 as being far-fetched in a society such as the United States. However, citizens should not be so quick to brush aside Orwell's concepts as being absolutely fictional. While telescreens are not precisely...

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