Will We See The Downfall Of Nintendo?

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Let’s go back in time for a moment and recapture the epic crash to the video game industry in North America that took place in 1983. There was a flood of bad games that shrunk the games industry’s value from three billion dollars down to a few hundred million. The Atari 2600 system was pretty much the basic and most populated console in the states in the early 80s. Atari was mainly responsible for its lack of productions and marketing. Even the Commodore 64 and the ColecoVision had its share of failed productions along with many other brand consoles. Eventually consoles and game cartages became were sold at bargain discounts. This was great for customers not at all for the industry and the developers. Arcades were the only successful outcome the industry had but soon enough everyone was about to see the death of the video game era. While Atari failed to recover a small Japanese trading card and toy company rose to the occasion in the states and began marketing the greatest home console as we know of today, the Nintendo Home Entertainment System. Although Japan struggled to get North America to market the Nintendo system, Japan featured now and more exciting ways to play video games using the Zapper, ROB the Robot, story lines and saving data that couldn’t compare to how we used to play in the arcades.” No stranger to difficult times, Nintendo able to turn this crash into a good thing by surviving while many of their competitors did not”(History of Nintendo).
When we think of the word video games, almost instantly Super Mario is the first thought and today is the most recognized character in the video game franchise. Super Mario is not only the main mascot and face of Nintendo, but Mario reminds us of our youth, the idea of obstacles and challenges, storytelling and overall family fun that made Nintendo as popular as the company is today. When we think of Super Mario we go back when video games were eight bit pixilated side strollers, nostalgic memories of our Nintendo days and we have Nintendo to thank for. Ever sense the release of the Nintendo home entertainment System and the Release of Super Mario Bros, third party distributors and Nintendo brought back the marketing in video game sales and the confidence to buy games. Including all the classics we still play till day such as The Legend of Zelda, Kirby, Metroid and third parties Mega Man and Castlevania series. Nintendo taught everyone that to make a great system; you need to have great games. Alongside with Nintendo, its top competitors are Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console and Sony’s PlayStation 3. As the game industry keeps progressing nowadays we see that Microsoft and Sony are at the top of market with sales and franchises, so where does that leave the system that saved the video game crash? Over the last few years we’ve been realizing that Nintendo has been falling behind in various ways with marketing, sales and attractions, while Microsoft and Sony keep progressing. With Nintendo...

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