Will Wearing Makeup To Work Affect The Amount Of Sales That I Earn?

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At work, employee hours are based on the number of sales during the week. Naturally, most employees will try to find ways to increase sales and in turn increase their hours and paychecks. I saw my psychology experiment as an opportunity to try and increase sales. My general question was "When I wear make-up to work, do I get more sales than if I weren't to wear makeup?" My hypothesis was that when I wore makeup, I would get more sales and if I weren't to wear makeup, then I wouldn't have as many.My independent variable was wearing makeup, which was defined as foundation, blush, eyeliner, eye shadow, and lipstick. When I wasn't wearing makeup, I had none of the above on, just my uniform and apron. Each instance of wearing makeup included the same colors and application techniques so that the variable would remain constant. During each day of the experiment, I wore my hair in the same way as well.My dependent variable was the amount of sales I got measured in dollars. In the deli where I work, $1,000.00 in sales is considered a "good" day.The participants of my experiment were the customers that came in. They weren't told of the experiment, so that their decision to buy or not buy wouldn't be influenced. Each day I had customers both male and female, ages seven or eight through too-ancient-to-tell, and every ethnic group from Asian to black to white to Russian to Mexican.The location of my study was at the deli in the Safeway grocery store on Military and South 288th Street. Each day, I flipped a coin to see if I was going to wear or not wear makeup. Heads was wear and tails was not wear. Then I would put on my uniform and do my makeup if I had flipped a head and go to work like normal. I served all customers with the same standard of customer service that Safeway policy dictates. Each night, closing activities begin at seven thirty and no more sales are accepted after that. When I was done closing, I...

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