Will Western Pop Culture Destroy National Culture In Thailand And Malaysia?

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Will pop culture destroy national culture inMalaysia and Thailand?Pop culture can be seen as an after thought of Globalisation. As the world becomes more interconnected people from all over the globe are able to communicate on a daily basis and more frequently than ever before. Regions that are having difficulty from coping with this 'seemingly harmless' popular culture can be found in the Asian region. It is a widespread fear amongst the older generations of places like Malaysia and Thailand that national culture will soon be forgotten with the 'Westernisation of the world'.In order to prove the dominance of Westernised pop culture and how the Influence of the 'West' is destroying the national culture of the 'East' it is necessary to look at the youth, the environment and tribes of Thailand and Malaysia.The YouthPop culture in Malaysia and Thailand is highly focused around the youth of the country as consumers and therefore being in a word 'brainwashed' with western culture such as McDonalds. As a gross generalisation 'MTV' is often seen as the biggest threat to national culture as Malays and Thai's try to emulate their American idols. " Part of the Malaysian and Thai problem however is due to the lack of support for local pop culture, leaving teens with no option other than western models to express their individuality and youthful values"It is common among Islamic intellectuals to say to say that Malaysian 'head figures' have actually neglected the opportunities of pop culture. Pop culture (meaning western youth culture) has been allowed to mould the youth of Malaysia because governments have been too concerned with the economic development and in disregarding pop culture have lost their youth devotion to 'home culture'. An example of this rejection of 'home culture can be see be seen in relation to 'The Medical Western Protection Bill.' In May 2003,Thailand approved a 'Medical Western protection bill'. Thailand has found to benefit within itself by using herbal medicines which are less expensive than western medicines. Even though there is a move back to traditional culture, there is now a need for youngsters that need to learn traditional knowledge of the plants so it can be passed on but are seen to shy away from tradition and focus more on their "MTV culture"It is ironic that education, law, politics and history among the Islamic culture are seen to be a main focus for the Islamic intellectual elite, but in the areas that Malaysian and Thai youth are most interested in, for example: pop culture, entertainment, human rights and environment, the Islamic intellectual elite have left unaddressed.In Malaysia there is an overwhelming demand for consumption, there has been two decades of uninterrupted economic growth and political stability. Malaysia is at a stage where you can measure the development or at least is made visible by the Kentucky fried chicken and the McDonald's stores this shows a sharp move to what is said to be 'mainstream...

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