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Will Your Grandchildren Know What Keyboard And Mice Is?

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First electronic computers were developed around year 1940 [1].Since that time we we have witnessed surprising development of computer technology. In that short period of time between the day first computer was developed and now computerization has gone into every
area of our life. But the computers we have now are significantly different from the early electronic computers. So the question is How much does modern computers will change in 40 years? Will my children and grand-children know what keyboard and mice are? I think not I will explain you why in my essay.
According to Herbert H.Isaacs “we have explored computer capability as it has progressed from a facility available only to specialists to the powerful and accessible tool inherent in the computer utility”[2]. Looking on the history of our civilization we can see some cycles when humanity made a discovery,for a certain period of time were improving it and then abandoned it for a better idea. Very first computer input device was a joystick invented by IBM. We can see how input devices evolved more and more intuitive. Despite that mice and keyboard are accompanying human interactions with computer for a long time we can expect they will be replaced with device which will be more intuitive and easier to use. The computers role in our lives is continuously growing,even now computers take great part in our lives in future this role will be even greater. We can expect that in future computers will take even greater role in our lives ,managing our time,simplify our communication with friends etc . Naturally we will want interaction with computer were even simpler than they are now. Although communication between human and computers is sufficient for us right now,it doesn't mean its evolution has ended. We can experience ourselves how dynamically minimization of computers is progressing. In future when computers won't occupy that much space as our current stationary computers ,we will try to replace ours bulky keyboards and mouses with something that occupy much less space. Nowadays we also waste a lot of time trying to write an essay and anything else that involves writing,how simpler it would be to just send our thoughts to computer instead of typing everything slowly using keyboard. Computers are getting smaller over the years but mice and keyboard have fixed size so in future it will affect the computer mobility. So I think the next step in improving interactions between human and computer will be striving to communicate with a computer directly without any input device. Advantage of this idea would be time loss depletion which we waste typing and using mice. Also we will be able to use computers wherever we want,how frustrating is carrying your heavy laptop everywhere,not to mention our standard computers? Although we already have smartphones and tablets but it's kind of trade-off between minimization and performance and on the top of that we have to struggle with for instance lack of...

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