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Willam Goldings Lord Of The Flies And Its Comparisons To World War Ii

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More people were killed, more nations got involved than any war before it. This war is being referred to is World War II. There are many examples of what happened during the war, these can be seen in Golding's Lord of the Flies. The characters in Golding’s Lord of the Flies mirror political leaders during World War II, as well as, the struggle of power among them.
Throughout the war, there were two major potencies. These potencies were the Axis Power and the Allis Power; both of these potencies can be seen in Lord of the Flies. Jack in the Lord of the Flies, who is the main antagonist, can conspicuously be seen as the Axis Power, moreover, as Adolf Hitler. Throughout Hitler's time, his mind started to become warped, and his execration for Jews began to increase. This can be visually perceived by Jack’s mind gradual becomes warped, and he becomes more primitive; along with his abhorrence for Ralph and Piggy. When Jacks mind starts to warp, and he became a symbol for the Axis Power, Ralph begins to symbolize the Allis Power. Even when it looked as if Jack was going to kill Ralph, Ralph still was able to resist and perpetuate to fight. Just like in the war, the Allis Power won over the Axis Power.
The chaos in Lord of the Flies can indubitably be seen in the book, as well as, in the movie adaptation of the book. The madness in the book version of Lord of the Flies, around the end of Lord of the Flies most of the boys hunted down one boy Ralph. While two of the boys, Simon and Piggy, end up getting killed throughout the story. The corruptness did not stop with in the book, in the movie adaptation of the book there was madness that occurred while the cameras were on and off. When they first started to film, the boys that played in the movie could not fictitiously eat the meat so they were coerced to genuinely eat the raw meat.
Over time there have been many quotes about World War II and there are some that can be compared to the Lord of the Flies. Some of these can be used to mirror some of the character's actions and themselves. “Everywhere we looked; there was smoke and fire...” When Jack;s group caught the island on fire chasing after Ralph, “My own life will prevail.” While Ralph is running away from Jack's group, this is what would be assumed to be going on inside his mind. There are also quotes that could be used for the book as a whole. “It was our small contribution to the war effort, to eat everything on our plate.” While on the island the boys had to take whatever they could get as a source of nutrients to survive. “Yesterday... the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.” This mirrors when Jack's group comes in and randomly takes Piggy's glasses.
In the story, Jack has his right hand man, is Roger and the two of them are much similar to the major threats of World War II. Jack is homogeneous to Hitler the main antagonist and aggressor. Along...

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