William Booth And The Salvation Army

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The Salvation Army is well known around the world as a charity to help people living in poverty. Less known about The Salvation Army is that its original purpose was to become a form of religion. William Booth, the founder of The Salvation Army did not want the purpose of The Salvation Army to stray too far from the idea that all people are free to worship Christ. It was because Booth believed that the most efficient way to reach people living in poverty was to offer them food, clothing, and shelter while preaching to them. Booth was a very religious person from a very young age, more so after his family had lost their money and William had to work to get money for his family. Booth's understanding of life in poverty and his love for God would reflect in his life after he became a preacher. Soon after Booth had gotten his first full time preaching job, he met the love of his life and his partner in creating a faith, Catherine Mumford, who was also a very religious individual. He would also meet George S. Railton, who believed that God was more important than any worldly possessions. Railton would later become Booth's first lieutenant and a huge factor in the way the Salvation Army was run during the first years. --- William Booth believed that every person deserved to know Jesus regardless of their social class and that he should save everyone from Atheism.
William Booth had always been a religious person, he started questioning religion at a young age. During his early youth he attended St Stephan’s Anglican Church, however in 1840 his teacher brought him to the Methodist church Broad Street Chapel. Booth instantly fell in love with the different form of worship, he loved that members of the congregation yelled throughout the sermon and that the songs made him want to get up and move. After that service William had felt very guilty that he had lied to his old classmate and prayed to God begging for forgiveness As soon as he saw his old friend again he immediately told his friend that he had lied and apologized. Since that moment Booth had considered himself fully devoted to God. After his first visit to the church Booth would meet regularly with a class every week. The club would go out to the streets and preach to the poor. When he was not out with his class, Booth would preach at the pawn shop he worked in. He invited the poor to church services and was able to make individuals repent for horrible things, Booth was recognized as a preacher at as young of an age as seventeen. The only reason he had not yet become a full time preacher was because he could not afford to care for his mother and himself on the paycheck of a Methodist preacher. When he was twenty-two a man named Edward Rabbits heard him preach and offered him enough money to live for at least 3 months if William agreed to become a full time preacher for the Methodist church. That day following Booth was able to devote himself to God both through theory and practice.

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