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William Edward Forster Essay

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Section A – Plan of Investigation
I will analyze the question of “How did William Edward Forster contribute to the Education Act of 1870 in England?” How he contributed to the act and what changes he did within the act will show how the act became a new advantage in England for the middle-working class. A speech made by William Edward Forster about the Education Act and a memorandum of October 21, 1869 will be used to discuss his contribution and all the provisions made to the act. The book The Elementary Education Act 1870 by Thomas Preston can be great help because it focuses on the Education Act only. For this question, it is best to start by researching about W.E. Forster and the Education Act of 1870 itself. The contribution of W.E. Forster to the act benefited a lot of families and children themselves because they could get an education for free.
Section B – Summary of Evidence
William Edward Forster drafted the Education Act of 1870 after the government decided to educate the citizens of the country and because England feared that they lacked an effective education system (Docstoc-documents). This act was also known as the Elementary Education Act and it was a culmination of a long struggle (thirty years) to establish an effective and nationwide education schooling system for children ages 5 to 12 (Looking at History). Jackson wrote, “Forster did not go to school until he was thirteen, he was taught by his mother” (16) could be the reason why he started the Education Act. Therefore W.E. Forster contributed in creating school boards for England, and the country would be divided into about 2,500 school districts (Spartacus Educational). Like W.E. Forster stated in his speech, there are two primary objects in this bill that contain two main provisions: “the first one is to secure education for the children of out-door paupers” (W.E. Forster c503) and the second one is “to transfer the Poor Law Guardians the power given to school boards” (W.E. Forster c503). In consequence, the government along with W.E. Forster created three provisions to the Education Act. The first one stated that, “a school board should be able to start a free school when there were special conditions and circumstances- when a location was in poverty or when the school was desirable” (W.E. Forster c504). The second one “gave power to the school board, as managers of their own schools, to remit the fees if they thought the parents were too poor to pay them” (W.E. Forster c505). At this time “the traditional view that the education of children was the responsibility of the parent and not of the state” (Roper 65) meant that the parents were responsible for paying the fees, so this is why he gave the school boards the power to pay the fees for the poor families. Lastly as he mentions, “the school boards had the power to pay for the voluntary school fees (public elementary schools) to assure them an efficient secular education” (W.E. Forster c505). As Richard Brown stated...

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