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William Jefferson (Bill) Clinton Essay

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Bill Clinton was born on August 19, 1946 to William Jefferson Blythe and Virginia Dell Cassidy. His grandparents were Edith and Eldrige Cassidy. Bill Clinton was born at Chester Hospital in Hope, Arkansas. As a young boy, Clinton lived with his grandparents while his mom was in New Orleans, Louisiana attending nursing school. While Clinton was with his grandparents, he learned to read and write before he was three years old. When Clinton was three, his mom finished nursing school. She married Roger Clinton, and the three of them moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas.
As a child, Bill Clinton attended Ramble Elementary and St. John’s Catholic School. He always did his best. He had straight A’s, until one year, he came home with a D in conduct. His parents were a little upset, so they went to the school and talked to the teacher. The teacher told them that the reason she gave Clinton the bad grade was because he would not let the other children answer the questions. So to teach him a lesson, she gave him the bad grade. It worked. This was the first lesson in diplomacy.
Bill Clinton went to Hot Springs High School. It was here he discovered his love of music. Clinton joined the band where he learned to play the saxophone. He was so good that he even lead the class for the instructor. Clinton wanted to be a musician when he got older, but one summer that all changed. In the summer of 1963, the seventeen

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year old Clinton served as a Boy’s Nation delegate in our Nation’s Capital, Washington, D.C. Sadly four months later, the future President’s idol John Fitzgerald Kennedy, (JFK), our 35th President , was assassinated by a lone gun man (but that’s another paper for later) in Dallas Texas.
After high school, Clinton went to Georgetown University in Washington D.C. While there, he struggled to pay his tuition. To help, he got a position working two part time jobs for a senator from Arkansas, Senator William Fulbright. After talking the senators assistant into hiring him, he was given two choices: A full time job making $5000 per year or a part time job making $3000 per year, he convinced them to give him two part time jobs. While he was still attending Georgetown, he was named a Rhodes Scholar. A Rhodes Scholar is given to a very smart student and gives them the privilege to go to Oxford University in England for two years. So Clinton attended Oxford University in England. While in Oxford, he received a draft letter to go fight in the Vietnam War. The day he received the letter, was the day he was supposed to be at the draft board. He wrote the draft board explaining that he was in Oxford, England. The draft board told him to finish his year at Oxford , and report back when he returned to the United States. When Clinton came back to the states, he decided to attend the University of Arkansas Law School, with the intention of joining the ROTC program. But people said he was only doing it to skip out on the draft. He decided to return to...

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