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What is so great about Shakespeare anyways? William Shakespeare is the most admired writer of all time. Shakespeare was born in 1564 and died on the day of is birth April 23 1616. Having lived 398 years ago and is still one of the world’s most prominent writers; making him eminent. Shakespeare was also a playwright; his plays include “Romeo and Juliet”, “Hamlet”, and “MacBeth”. Shakespeare was born in England. At the age of 18 Shakespeare was wed to Anne Hathaway; they conceived three children, Susanna and twins (Hamlet and Judith). The writer wrote most of his most famous work during the Elizabethan era. (bbc.co.uk)
The Elizabethan era is historically depicted as the golden age of English history. During this time people diverted from tradition and entered a new way of life, through theater, poetry, literature, and other everyday practices. Some major modifications that occurred during the Elizabethan era was urbanization; many people moved from the countryside into towns in search of work. Exciting discoveries were found during this period as the ‘new world’, present-day America, was found. Resulting in new foods such as tomatoes and turkey as well as new spices to be brought back to Europe. Education was also improved as the development in printing made cheaper books available to all social classes; moreover school and collages started to prosper. (elizabethan-era.org.uk)
The Evolution of Drama; drama is type of genre dealing with an emotional unexpected turn of events. The Origin of the word drama comes from the Greek word ‘dran’ meaning ‘action’.Early drama started in ancient Greece; the athens produced three types of dramas, tragedies, comedies and satyr play (tragic comedies). Drama then moved to the Roman Empire where it evolved into a more sophisticated and extensive genre. Drama spread from Rome, around the Mediterranean and reached England. Throughout the middle ages drama was produced in vernacular that emerged from religion. A type of drama that evolved in the course of this period is mystery plays; which was preformed on the porch of the cathedrals. Another type of drama emerging from this period is miracle and morality (genre with or with out a moral). Additionally playwrights focused on glorifying tudor monarchs. The Elizabethan and Jacobin eras come next; their plays drew story lines from greek and roman drama. Finally modern and postmodern drama; a new type of drama is added during this time which is liberal tragedy (modern development of a tragedy). (The theory and analysis of drama)
Shakespeare is a matchless writer who was able to put simple ideas with big meanings into short sentences that no one is capable of forgetting. Predominantly he is distinguished for his sayings. Sayings are known as short expressions that contain advice or wisdom(dictionary.reference.com). One of Shakespeare’s most famous saying is “A rose by another name would smell as sweet”-(Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Scene 2). The message taken from this...

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