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William Shakespeare's Essay

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In the play Twelfth Night Shakespeare states “Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them” (Twelfth Night II.5.154). Shakespeare influenced every generation of writers since his death, and he continues to have an enormous impact on contemporary plays, movies, and poems. His plays have plots with many twists and turns providing an excellent exercise in logic. William Shakespeare is known worldwide because he is the greatest poet and playwright who ever lived, he influenced the world of literature, his plots were unoriginal, and because of his achievements he is now taught at school.
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Shakespeare’s used psychological writing and writing in a different style/ format that people were amazed by it. Shakespeare influenced literature, he wrote unoriginal plots for his play.
Thus, Shakespeare plays were unoriginal however he used other’s plays to write his script. Shakespeare’s proclaims “Let every man be master of his time” (Macbeth III.1.42). This quote is from Macbeth a play with a lot of twists written by Shakespeare’s. What inspired William to write his plays with unoriginal plots were the works of other great writers. For example, Macbeth was inspired by historical events but those exact events were changed in the play. Shakespeare wrote about comedy and tragedy history. His plays are all great stories that include many of the famous words ever written. Shakespeare would make his play unique from other play wrights. Even though Shakespeare was kicked out of school at the age of thirteen he is taught at school today.
Lastly, Shakespeare is taught at school because, he uses timeless themes and emotions in his stories that are still relevant today, he explains his characters point of views, their struggles and reasons without being judge mental. His stories are remarkable with complex story plots that show cause and effect. He has created complex characters that show how certain circumstances can cause people to fall from grace. His writing and work on the human nature was highly original, along with his elucidations on the topic and explanation on how it works, was very unused for lack of a better term, during his time period, and has and continues to help inspire new writers with his plays, and other writing's and work. Kids are taught about the language that is used back then and gives them a wider vocabulary. Shakespeare's plays send out messages like 'to be or not...

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