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William Shakespeare's 18th And 55th Sonnets

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William Shakespeare's 18th and 55th Sonnets

Both William Shakespeare’s 18th and 55th sonnet’s are full and complete examples of poetry at its best, and, while studying Shakespeare’s form is very important, it is equally so to look at the content and even further deep to its true meanings. His techniques which have immortalized him over several centuries are displayed at their best while still capturing his goal of honoring his lover.

Although the two poems were written separately, the shared theme is evident and they almost seem to flow together. In the 18th sonnet, Shakespeare begins by comparing his lover to a summer’s day, which may be seen as a high compliment. Upon reading further, you find that not even the sun and all its’ glory can possibly compare to his dearest. As summer is shaken by the rough winds, its’ lease held short, and “his golden complexion dimm’d,” his lover is perpetual, always bright, never fading. It is interesting to see how he equates the existence of his writing to that of the unknown lover, saying “so long lives this and this gives thee life” and in the 55th sonnet “you live in this, and dwell in lovers eyes." The person’s summer can be seen as his prime of life and will remain permanent because it has been immortalized in verse. Through the previous lines, he expressed the link of future lovers to the life of his own. He speaks of broken marble, neglected tombs, war, fire, and the greatest challenge, time, but, through it all, his love will live on in the eyes...

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