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In order to be a famous and captivating writer, one must have the ability to express life, love, tragedy, and the human spirit. William Trevor accomplished all of these things. He took the value of every human life in to mind as he composed stories capturing that life and relaying messages of astounding morality and incredibility of individuals, all in clear and concise, yet beautiful language. While born in Ireland he is also a famous British author, as he lived a large portion of his life in England, and captured the spirits of both Ireland and England in his writing (Catling, Patrick Skene). He has won various awards and his pieces are still read and heard to this day.
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William Trevor’s career as a writer took off after he quit his advertising job and moved to Devon, England to a small, wilderness enclosed house to write full time (Smelstor, Marjorie, and M. Casey Diana). This decision to write full time came about after he published his second novel, The Old Boys, which won the Hawthorne prize in 1965. Trevor then proceeded to write many novels, short stories, nonfiction stories, and dramas (Low, Bernadette Flynn). Trevor became a famous and achieved writer because of his brilliant style, use of diction, and ability to portray the cultures of Ireland even while he lived in England. He once said, “It is sometimes easier to write about your own people from a foreign country,” (Smelstor, Marjorie, and M. Casey Diana). While Trevor wrote many pieces; they all share similar themes that deal with love, family life, pride, and often hurt or abused characters. It is through these themes that he captures his readers’ attentions and expresses his feelings that every human has worth and can be special and amazing despite what they have been through (Catling, Patrick Skene).
William Trevor’s works took many forms; they were written, but also heard on the radio, and seen on the television (Low, Bernadette Flynn). Some of his most famous works include; The Old Boys, The Children of Dynmouth, Fools of Fortune, Felicia’s Journey, and The Story of Lucy Gault These all won various awards such as the Hawthorne prize for The Old Boys, the Whitbread Award for The Children of Dynmouth, Fools of Fortune, and Felicia’s Journey, and The Story of Lucy Gault was short-listed for the Whitbread Award and the Booker Prize (Smelstor, Marjorie, and M....

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