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William Wordsworth A.) The Sound Devices Of His Poems B.) The Tone Of His Poems And C.)The Subject Matter.

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It's the Style That CountsAmong the vast variety of poems that exist, only a few stand out. The same is true about poets, in that readers may sometimes identify a poem to its poet. The measure of a poet's consistency in his poems is measured by how easily identifiable his or her poems are to the reader. An effective poet will develop a unique style and slowly build upon that. In history many poets have placed their mark and enveloped a unique style of their own. A poet's style involves not only the subject matter about which he or she writes, but also the technique in which the poet presents that material to the reader. The way a poem meshes in together and creates a natural flow from one idea to the next is crucial to the makeup of that poet's style, regardless of the topic. The art of writing poetry, then, involves creating a rare technique that individualizes the poet.An example of a poet who utlizes his unque writing ability is the Romantic William Wordsworth. Nature deeply affected Wordsworth throughout his life. He developed a sincere love of nature that would ultimately come across strongly in his poems. As a way of drawing the reader into the poems, Wordsworth initiates his particular style of incorporating sound effects with tone to portray nature as a serene being. Wordsworth cleverly uses specific connotation and reflective tone to effectively portray Nature as the ideal place for man to return to innocence, purity, and simplicity.Wordsworth's use of natural sound devices effectively characterizes nature as a peaceful and tranquil entity. In "the world is too much with us", Wordsworth employs the power of a repeating rhythm to set a tone. Line 1 says "The world is too much with us; late and soon,\ Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers". The sound that this line creates sets a cadence for the poem. According to Frances Ferguson "Sound becomes an important aspect of the poem". Although he does so at a subtle level, Wordsworth makes powerful use of creative and natural sounds in his poems as a way of optimizing the presence of nature. In "Influence of Natural Objects", the speaker of the poem describes how he/she "hissed" through the ice playing games. The usage of Onomatopoeia to describe the motions of the ice skaters is comparable to sounds found naturally in Nature, such as the jungle. Later on in the poem Wordsworth makes use of a short catchy phrase by describing the "hunted hare". Wordsworth's use of alliteration to emphasize the rabbit is a direct attribute to his sound effect usage. The repeated sound creates a catchy phrase that captures the essence of the poem, simplicity. In "Ode: Intimations of Immortality", the speaker describes the "fresh flowers" and the surrounding environment. Again the short catchy phrase incorporates both senses of their body. The senses help the reader create a visual of the objects in the poem. Also important to this poem is its irregular rhyme scheme. A poem with a set rhyme scheme does not...

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