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Critique Of Divergent: A Movie By Neil Burger

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Wow! This was one of the most exciting thrill rides that I have had in a long time. This movie was really good!
In the movie it took place where the world as categorized in to factions. The factions were amity, abnegation, dauntless, erudite, and candor. The main character was Beatrice, “Tris”; her family belonged to the faction of Amity. This group of people was very kind and peaceful. Beatrice and her brother Caleb were at the age that they had to choose their own faction after knowing who they were and to live in that society or stay were.
Tris along with Caleb and all other children that were sixteen had to take a test to find out what faction that they were going to be in. With this test they had to take a clear liquid and with this liquid it would show all of their thoughts on the computer. They had different challenges that they had to conquer and based on the results a faction was chosen for them. When it came time for Tris to take hers, the person that was administering the test was alarmed and immediately asked her to leave and to say that she was sick after taking. Her test was inconclusive, which meant that she was Divergent. She couldn’t be controlled with thoughts or fears that were given to her in any situation. When the time came for her to choose her faction she choose dauntless. This group appeared to reckless, crazy, full of life so to speak. Her brother chose erudite and they were very intelligent. When Tris got in the group she had to learn how to be strong, and brave. She was the first one to take the leap from a large building in spite of her being scared or not. After that she had to jump from trains, she had to learn how to shoot a gun and how to use knife. She even had to fight people on her team. She had a monster of an instructor and his name was Eric. He was very hard on all of the teammates just to make sure they would give up. That was cruel what he did to Tris’ friend Chrissie when he through her off the ledge. There was another instructor and his name was four. He was hard but thought out the movie he became suspicious or Tris because she kept trying. It came to the point that another test had to be given so that each teammate had to face their fears. With these tests a serum was given in the neck and with it different fears were played out they had and they had to overcome them. When Tris took her’s she overcame her test in record time what she did was to say to herself, “that this is not real.” One thing that four said to her was “3 minutes faster than normal” since it was supposed to take 20 minutes or more to pass each test. Four became suspicious and wanted to know how she did it. Throughout the story she gets stronger and stronger. Her score went up to the point where she was one of the best of the dauntless. She even had to fly in harness after making the team. Tris discovered that Four had the fear of heights and he discovered that she was divergent. He saved her in many...

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