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Williams Shakespeare And The Globe Theater

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Imagine watching the famous plays of William Shakespeare being performed right in front of yours eyes at the amazing Globe Theater. William Shakespeare was part owner of The Globe Theater. The famous Globe Theater was a place where outstanding plays were performed. This theater held people from all over the world to watch performances. In the article “The Elizabeth Era” states that “often the Queen would come to the Globe Theater to watch Shakespeare’s work “(Alchin). The Globe Theater has great significance to British history because of the building structure, the actors, the performances, the fire accident, and its impact on England and its people.
To begin, The Globe Theater had a very unique building structure. In the article “The Globe Theater” Lee Jamison explains, “The Globe Theater was an open air theater experience and therefore exposed to England’s awful weather” (Jamieson). The Globe was built by Shakespeare's acting company, the Lord Chamberlain's Men. The Globe Theater was an octagonal structure, circular in shape having between 8 to 24 sides. The Globe had three stories of seating and was able to hold 3,000 people. There was a base stage where there was an area called the pit. This area held people who had paid a penny to stand and watch a performance. The fact that there is no roof for the building and is shape as an octagon, unlike any other theater makes it extremely different. Not only does the structure make the theater special, but the actors that have performed there added talent to the plays and Theater.
In, addition, The Globe Theater had outstanding, hardworking actors who helped the plays come to life through their work of art. In the article “Globe Theater” it states “As in other Venues where plays were performed at the time the theater had no curtains and scenery was sant; acoustics were limited and actors had to project their voices loudly” (Globe Theater). The actors were expected to perform their own stunts. They had to have a good memory to learn and memorize their lines in a short time period. William Shakespeare acted in some of the productions of the plays. Males had to act out the female parts of the plays because females were not allowed to perform in theaters at this time. Although, all of the actors worked hard, the males who dressed up as females got paid the least; this proves they had a lot of dedication to their work. The actors help make the plays at the theater a huge success and very profitable to The Theater.
Next, the performance at The Globe Theater help separate it’s self from the other theaters. “The plays at The Globe” article articulate, “As soon as a play had been written it was immediately produced and printed followed productions”(Alchin). Rival theaters would send out some of their workers to go to the plays to produce unauthorized copies, plays and they were copied quickly as possible. The fact that, other theaters copied The Globe Theater’s plays shows that the plays performed...

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