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Willie Nelson Book Report

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For my book report I chose to read the companion volume to the phenomenal Tv series, Behind The Music about Willie Nelson. Nelson has been a monumental force in the music industry for the past 35 years and this book vividly depicts his struggle to reach the top and his never ending struggle with bad luck.Born Willie Hugh Nelson on April 29, 1933, deep in the heart of Depression-wracked farm country, Nelson who grew up poor was raised with rich family values and a deep appreciation for music. Many times music was the only entertainment that Willie would have. Writing his first song and joining his first band at the age of twelve Willie showed promise and an unrelenting devotion to one day rise to the top of the music charts. The book was written by Clint Richmond, published by Pocket Books and copyrighted in the year 2000. It is obvious upon reading the title and the back cover that Richmonds' purpose is to tell Nelsons' story and how he got to where he is at today.The books introduction discusses events far from Willies beginning and focuses on the things that people ultimately did for Willie to try and repay him for his countless acts of kindness. The book gets into full swing in chapter two and begins telling the story of Willies young life at home. The book quickly changes pace and starts focusing on the beginning of his career as he moves across the country several times chasing his musical aspirations.The reader is taken on a long journey and follows Willie through all his travels but eventually ends up back in Texas where he belongs. Essentially this begins what is the meat of the book and where the...

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