"Willow," A Hero's Journey Essay

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Willow's Hero's JourneyGeorge Lucas uses Joesph Campbell's Hero's journey pattern to create the storyline of the film Willow. Willow is an ordinary farmer and family man called to action and finds courage to endure his journey in spite of overwhelming obstacles. Willow's children find a baby girl on the river behind their home in Nelwyn village and take her home. Willow consults the village counsel and they nominate Willow as the man who will return the baby girl to the Dykenie people. Willow learns that the baby will bring the downfall of Queen Bavmorda, an evil sorceress, who is desperately searching for the baby girl to kill her. Willow finds the courage to protect the baby girl and which in turn saves the kingdom. Campbell's monomyth helps society understand and learn how to become a better person through helpers, courageous acts, an ordeal and a resurrection of the hero.Willow is called to action when his children find a baby girl on the river near his home. Willow tries to refuse the call and wants to put the baby girl back in the river but his family try to convince him to help her. He begins to feel real feelings of love for the child and does not refuse the call. Willow's village and family are helpers in the story, they help Willow to accept his call to action. Another helper in the story is Cherlindrea, Willow's mentor. Cherlinda offers guidance for his journey and gives him a magical wand.Crossing the threshold in the pattern tries Willow and teaches him to have courage. Willow crosses the threshold when he finds Madmartigen, a thief he freed and entrusted with the baby, in a rambunctious bar. While at the bar Queen Bavmorda's daughter and soldiers track them down but they get away after a reckless horse chase. This scene shows that Willow has summed up enough courage to protect the baby and stand up to Dykenie's.The Ordeal in story is a major hurdle that Willow must overcome to gain confidence and courage for his final battle. Willow, Madmartigen and the baby Elora arrive at...

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