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Behind every lie there is a portion of truth. This same principle is seen across authors. Many well respected novels have an underlying autobiography within them. For instance, renown author J.K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter saga based on a poor orphan. It is no coincidence that Ms. Rowling was also poor as she started writing the saga on napkins in coffee shops. This way of writing, however, is not unique to just J.K. Rowling. Khaled Hosseini also incorporates life experiences into some of his novels. A prime example of this is The Kite Runner. The storyline of this novel reflects his past to create a journey of a young Afghanistan boy, whose name is Amir. This boy changes drastically throughout his lifetime from a close minded, considerably arrogant boy to an open hearted and minded man. This emotional and mental trip is partially based on Khaled Hosseini’s own life. Throughout Hosseini’s lifetime he had the opportunity of living with a member of the Hazara ethnic group, a minority that has long suffered from discrimination in Afghanistan (Khaled Hosseini Biography). He taught the man, who was the family cook, to read and write. This act of kindness was also seen in the novel. Amir teaches his Hazara friend Hassan, who is the son of the family servant, to also read and write. In fact, Amir is depicted reading to Hassan on many occasions. The parallel between Khaled Hosseini and Amir is that they both open up and are willing to help these marginalized people despite the general sentiments of the public. This is very powerful because both males remove the blind folds of society and look at the servants as real people rather than objects or house slaves. This action addresses an issue many countries have struggled with and may still be struggling with: racism. If everyone could just remove the blindfolds, humanity would be much different.
Khaled Hosseini did not have a traditional upbringing, which is probably a contributing factor to his unique perspective. He was born in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1965 and is the oldest of five children (About the Author). The majority of his life, he and his family were very nomadic because his father was a diplomat in the Afghan Foreign Ministry (Biography), while on the other hand his mother was a teacher in Kabul. His father’s job required the family to constantly move to many different countries over a short period of time. As a matter of fact, the family occupied three different countries within the course of ten years (About the Author). All of these countries had a different learning experience within them. For instance, in Afghanistan he would be free to roam the land and relax in his household while his parents were off at work. His company during this alone time was the house cook. Since the man did not know how to read and write, Khaled would read to him for he was an avid reader. Times like this brought the two of them closer despite societal prejudices. The two were torn apart when the family moved...

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