Willy Russell's Presentation Of The Relationship Between Frank And Rita

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Willy Russell's Presentation of the Relationship Between Frank and Rita

At the start of the play, Frank and Rita can be seen as opposites;
Frank is a middle aged male academic, while Rita is a young, female
hairdresser. Any relationship between the two seems unlikely, but they
warm to each quickly and the audience realises that Frank and Rita are
not quite as different to one another as first appearances show. They
are both involved in unsatisfactory relationships and want more from
life than it seems to offer. The main difference between the two is
that, whereas Rita has recognised her unhappiness and is determined to
change it through becoming educated, frank is a pessimist and tends to
down his sorrow through drinking. Frank and Rita become good friends
in the play because Rita needs Frank to teach her, and he needs the
freshness and vitality that she brings to his life. Willey Russell
presents Frank and Rita's relationship, and how it changes, in a
variety of ways.

At the start of the play when Frank and Rita meet, Rita is very
outgoing and forward. The first thing Rita says to Frank is 'it's that
stupid bleedin' handle on the door. You wanna get it fixed!' you
wouldn't expect a new student to speak to her tutor like this the
first time she ever met him. This also shows that Rita doesn't care
what his first impressions of her are. She then gets into a deep
conversation with him about one of the paintings on his wall. The
convocation is about how the painting is erotic; you wouldn't expect
two people who have just met to be talking about how the painting
turns people on. This point adds to the fact that Rita is very forward
and extrovert.

Frank is very different when they first meet; he is very quiet and
hardly speaks at all. After Rita asks him questions and speaking for
quiet a long time he makes short simple reply's like 'erm - probably'
and 'erm - yes'. This shows he is a reserved person and is not very
enthusiastic about his job. He is the complete opposite to Rita and
this is why the audience get the feeling that a deep relationship
between them is unlikely.

Frank and Rita's relationship develops because Rita is different to
the other students Frank has to teach. She doesn't really have any
knowledge about English literature and she doesn't make out as if she
is clever. Frank likes this as she has an individual personality and
doesn't have the stereotypical posh personality that the other
students have. Rita is attracted to Frank as she thinks he has style
and she wants to gain the English culture that comes with education.
She also likes Frank because she feels he is not too high above her he
is almost on her level as he speaks like he knows how she feels. He
drinks and he has a cigarette with her, he also says how he doesn't
like the other students and this...

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