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Willy’s Struggle To Sale Essay

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In the play, Death of a Salesman written by Arthur Miller, Willy Lowman finds a hard time getting by and supporting his family. He has many issues which he chooses to not deal with. His career is now a failure and he feels as if he hasn’t provided enough for his family. On top of the stress to pay bills, his eldest son Biff has temporarily moved back in with his mother and father due to the lack of stability in his recent jobs. Willy chooses to take his life so his family can collect the 20,000 dollars on his life insurance policy and go on living.
The main characters in this play are Willy Lowman, his wife Linda Lowman, and his two sons Biff and Happy. Happy is a successful business man ...view middle of the document...

Linda and he had daily conversations about their money issues. “And, Willy, don’t forget to ask for a little advance because we’ve got the insurance premium. It’s the grace period now.” “That’s a hundred . . . ?” “A hundred and eight, sixty-eight. Because we’re a little short again.” (1512 Miller).
Not only was Willy’s body tiring but so was his mind. Throughout the play Willy flashes back and forth from Biff’s high school days to the present. His mind is weary and troubled. Willy often recalls conversations between his brother Ben and himself. Ben was now wealthy due to an adventure he had taken. Before he went, he asked Willy if he wanted to go. Willy turned down this offer. One can insinuate that Willy often thinks about this because he regrets the decision of not going with him. If he had, he would not have any of these worries that he is faced with. Before Willy commits suicide, his brother Ben appears in his mind saying, “Not like an appointment at all. A diamond is rough and hard to touch.” (1551 Miller). Like a diamond,...

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