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Willy Wonka Essay

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“We are the makers of magic. We are the teller of tales.”
Willy Wonka

It can only be described as the feeling you get when you know you are dreaming. A dream you just can’t awaken from.
I cannot bear the silence anymore. The time of the prophecies are nearly upon us and the need is great to share what I have. This world is about to die out and unless more of you can awaken, I feel the multiverse will suffer for it.
“What are you talking about?” is what you are thinking. I know, for I am the keeper of the secret knowledge. Knowledge the ALL has past to me. I am its guardian. I have passed this knowledge down through my bloodline, however as of lately, over the last 1000 years, it has ...view middle of the document...

But be warned, the journey to the knowledge I share, is long and will test you resolve. I will tell you my tale, as seen through my eyes at that time and discuss with you what I have learned from these experiences, when appropriate. If you my friends have questions that arise as I share this knowledge with you, please ask and we will get to them in time. The information I have must be built upon through experiences. No book or lecture will be able to teach you.
I first need to let you know that until you are ready to understand and listen you will not be able to hear what I have to say. For until you open the ears of understanding the lips of knowledge will remain closed. Until we understand the Dragon, we cannot hear the words it speaks.
You my friends, are and have been living a lie. Strong words, I know, but sometimes one must use thought-provoking statements to capture the attention. This has been a lie passed down to you, over generations, to enslave the masses and shackle those weak in mind. You have received it through your culture, upbringing and through no-fault of their own, your parents. And I say this due to themselves having being brought up in the same way. I tend to forgive the previous generations due to the increasingly constrictive society in which they and their’s were born and raised in. If you think about it, we are afforded an infinite abundance of latitude in our progressive way of thinking and individualistic expressions then our forefathers. Nowadays, one does not get tortured or burned at the stake for expressing a viewpoint in which, before, might have had the possibility of being accused of heresy. I also applaud those, who have come before to share their own thoughts and ideas knowing what could or did happen to them, although I might not agree with them entirely.
Now for the lie. “What do you mean?" You ask. Well, unfortunately, this cannot be explained simply by a statement. You my friends, will have to take your own journey in discovering the secrets which are hidden from you. It is my attempt to push you toward your own personal path of thought and experiences,to find the secret truth for yourself. No matter which path you choose nor how many times you might change it, I am solely here to be a guide and to push you when needed.
I’m not going to dazzle you with impressive word smithing in an attempt to entertain you. I will not boost to you with a vast vocabulary that you might need a dictionary to interpret nor will I talk around issues or points I need to get across by confusing sentence structuring. I will attempt to pass my knowledge to you as strait-forward and uncluttered as possible.
I would like to start our journey buy asking you questions. I know this might be a little irregular from the start of other books you may have read and as you will come to see, this is like no other book. Most books conform to a couple of different categories such as, entertainment: A story designed to lead you through...

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