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Wilson Air Center, Memphis Tennessee Essay

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AbstractThis paper covers the Memphis FBO of Wilson Air Center. The awards won by the company show its leadership in the entire FBO industry. Historical information is gathered here concerning the origination of entrepreneur Kemmons Wilson. The all FBO services including maintenance, aircraft Sales, airline handling, freight handling,military handling, and corporate services will be discussed. Charter services mentioned are comprised of fleet details and aircraft management.IntroductionWilson Air Center, an executive aviation facility located at Memphis International Airport has recently been recognized by corporate pilots worldwide as the "best of the best". No other facility, in the history of FBO operations, has catapulted to such recognition in such a short period of time. Opened less that four years ago by the Kemmons Wilson Companies of Memphis, (Kemmons Wilson was the founder of Holiday Inns), Wilson Air Center is ranked by pilot voting higher than any other facility in North America. Founder and president Bob Wilson says proudly, "We are a Memphis family, and are pleased to receive such accolades from the aviation community for our city and airport." Wilson Air Center Gen. Mgr. Rick Henson said the Wilson Company work ethic is simple and comprehensive ... The employees are not allowed to say no to a customer. "It's the employees' job to make it happen," said Henson.AwardsAviation International News Magazine has rated Wilson Air the #1 Best FBO in North America through their AIN FBO Survey. Survey respondents gave Wilson Air top scores in all four categories rated: line service; passenger amenities; pilot amenities and facilities. In this year's version of AIN's biennial survey, 13,421 pilots were asked to rank all the FBOs they had visited in the past 18 months on a scale of 1 to 9 in each of the four categories. More than 2,000 pilots responded, evaluating an average of 23.4 FBOs each. Only the best of the best achieved a top rating in all four categories. In the previous North American FBO survey conducted in 2000, only four FBOs achieved all-top ratings."This year's results reflect the industry's efforts to improve already impressive service standards with comprehensive initiatives to improve safety and overall training. Also, the past 24 months have seen unprecedented investment in facilities and infrastructure. Billions have been spent industry wide to upgrade ramp areas, hangars, offices, terminal buildings and pilot and passenger facilities. The results of this year's survey show that pilots noticed, and they appreciate the effort." (AIN 2002)Wilson Air center not only won this survey in 2003, they took home the gold four years prior. Memphis's Wilson air was also voted number two Best Overall U.S. FBO in 2002 along with number 2 Best Independent FBO in 1999-2001 in Professional Pilot Magazine PRASE Survey. According to Pro Pilot, the purpose of the PRASE (Preferences Regarding Aircraft Services and Equipment) survey is to promote...

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