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Wilson's "Fences" Essay

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Fences was published in 1983 but the setting was the 1950s in August Wilsons home town. Wilson’s main purpose of this play is to show how the separation of humans into racial groups can create social and finance instability and can have a huge effect on African Americans and whites. The 1950s was the middle of the civil rights era. The Maxsons Family is African American, In the 1950s there was not many jobs for African Americans; most people believed that this is what pushed Troy to steal things in order to provide for his family. Troy went to prison for murder and when he got out he was determined to do good deeds and to turn his life around; shortly after he got out of prison he got a job as a Garbage man. Troy is a tragic figure and a villain; he is a tragic figure because he made great effort to do good deeds for his family, but he allowed his imperfections to get in his way which led to a horrible death. Troy is a villain because of what he did to his wife Rose. (Shmoop; Editorial Team)
A tragic figure is a person who displays characteristics more than the average person, but through downfalls does not have a good outcome. Troy is a tragic figure because he is resolute in stopping Cory from furthering his education on a football scholarship; the reason he is so resolute is because he is afraid that Cory won’t make it because of his race and because of how African Americans had been discriminated in the 50’s. Troy’s main reason why he won’t let Cory play football is because when he was playing baseball they turned him down and would not let him play in the Major league simply because he was African American or in other words black. Troy is a villain because he had an affair with another woman (Alberta) behind Rose (his wife) back. (Yahoo Answers)
Troy has two sons and their names are Cory and Lyons. Lyons was his first born son and Cory was his second. Troy serves good and bad characteristics. Troy was also known as the provider of the family; He got respect from his family because he provided things for them. "Death ain't nothing but a fastball on the outside corner."(Wilson pg.1030) Troy compares death with pitching in baseball. Troy sees himself as if he is defeated or not liable by Bono or Rose. Bono is the person that Troy looks up to; they met in jail where Troy learned to play baseball. Troy is considered to be the person that Bono look up to, in other words they are each other’s role models. Bono likes Troy’s ability to lead and take care of his responsibilities. Wilson describes troy as a person who is not easy to break and is not scared of much of anything or anybody. Troy sees himself as a hero and doesn’t realize that what he is doing is hurting his family. Troy lived with his father as a little boy and he struggled because his father was not a good provider for him or his family.
Troy cheated on rose, hides things from her, and did not let Cory follow his dream. It seemed like Troy only cared about himself and not others in...

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