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Final Test
Criminal Law
In the case of Wilson vs. The State of Missouri, Officer Wilson could’ve been charged with one of the following: First Degree murder, Second Degree murder, Voluntary Manslaughter and Involuntary Manslaughter. Although the option was given to charge him with any of those, based on the facts given, Officer Wilson can be found guilty of second degree murder. In going through the facts surrounding the case and reviewing the elements of the crimes, second degree murder is the best to charge him, because all of the elements are met.
The element of second degree murder is as follows:
Knowingly causes the death of another person, with the purpose of causing a serious physical injury to another person or, causes the death of another person.
Officer Wilson has definitely caused the death of another person because Mr. Michael Brown in dead. What he died of is fatal gun shots to the body. When Officer Darren Wilson got up that morning he may not have been thinking that, that was going to be the day that he killed somebody but officers do not have the same discretion as everyone else. Controlling and operating a weapon as an officers, opens you up to training on how to use and not use your weapon, as well as using other weapon in lieu of your gun. Along with that, gun training give you reaction time. As an officer Darren Wilson had reaction time, even if the time was a split second and so he had other choices (this take away heat of passion). In him knowing he had reaction time and decided to still shot, he took on the responsibility of the guns actions. When an officer shoots a gun he knows in his mind as well as everyone else that serious injury or death is the only likely result of the bullet reaching the target/threat. Not only that, the intended purpose of shooting a gun is for the bullets to hit the target/threat.
Although he is guilty of committing second degree murder because his...

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