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A devastating war had left much of Europe in ruin and smoke, but a task almost as difficult as the war was still ahead for the allies, devising a treaty. President Woodrow Wilson had come up with a fourteen point plan, which he proposed to the allied leaders of France, Italy, and Britain. Although this plan was eventually voted down by the senate, and never passed, several key points were put into the treaty that was accepted by the senate.

The first point on Wilson’s 14 point plan was that nations should not have any secret treaties or alliances with other nations. This is an important point in the plan, because if it were followed through with it could possibly prevent many wars ...view middle of the document...

By establishing this president, American trade would thrive and put America as the leading economic power in the world. If there were tariffs and taxes on goods, the Unites States would not make as much from post-war time trade.

The fourth point on Wilsons plan was the reducing of armies of all nations to a bare minimum. This did not go over well at all. No nation wanted to be told by the United States that it had to reduce its army. This point was tied to Americas participation in the war because America could significantly reduce its army and still be safe. It had 2 oceans to protect it, unlike every other nation, especially those in Europe. This was another point to basically put America on top, and secure its rank as the number one nation in the world

Wilsons fifth point was open mindedness in the discussion of colonial claims. This is basically saying that all nations should be willing to give up some of their colonial claims. I think this is one of the most ridiculous points on Wilsons plan. Wars start because of colonial claims. World War II was started because of land claims. However, I do not think that this point was related to the United States participation in the war, because the United States had no interest in acquire any new land at the time, and did not have much of a large colonial holding. I think this point applies mainly to Britain, which had many colonies.

Point’s 6 through 13 all had to deal with new nations being created and borders of...

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