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Winchester Mystery House Essay

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The winchester mystery house is a house that has a supernatural background. Some people believe that the house is not haunted however a majority of the people believe that it is indeed haunted. There is a mysterious story to why the house was built in the first place that will send chills throughout your body. You see this isn’t any ordinary haunted attraction that you could find at an amusement park, no no this is a real life mystery house. There have been sightings that all fit together almost too perfectly. Is the house really haunted? Or was old Sarah Winchester a crazed lunatic who believed a cheap medium?

Sarah winchester was leading an ordinary life. She was married and had ...view middle of the document...

The house is now seven stories tall. Sarah lived a long life and this may be because she followed the directions from the medium. Sarah passed away on September 5th, 1922.

The Winchester Mystery House is proven to be haunted. Many tourists had visited the house and have explained how spirits were polite or aggressive towards them. “I have a history of migraines. Sadly, I got one on the tour. I didn't have my blue oil to stop the pain at the time. This migraine was so severe, I almost cried. Then I felt someone hug me and say, "It's okay, my darling. You'll be alright." Then the migraine stopped. Thank you, Sarah!” Many people say that Sarah Winchester spirit is still in the house. She has been seen in her room. Here she has done many different things. Things like healing them, telling them to get out because the spirits will hunt you, and just talking to them like an ordinary person. “I was in the seance room with my 4 year old daughter Kate and i was looking down into the kitchen through the window. I turned around and my daughter was gone. I was starting to freak out...

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