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Wind Power the Energy of the Future
The writer will discuss the renewable energy properties of wind power and whether it is practical for sustainable development. The writer will contrast the positive and negative attributes of wind power and whether it has economical benefits. Wind power may be the future solution of the worlds growing energy problems.
Wind energy is a very efficient source of generating electricity. In fact it can produce far more energy than other renewable energy sources. Wind turbines are not complex in construction or how they work. The system consists of a generator that when rotated it generates electricity much like the alternator in a car. To get the generator to turn blades are attached to the drive shaft on the generator. The blades resemble the propeller of an airplane. As wind passes over the blades it causes them to spin, which turns the generator. The faster the generator turns the more electricity it produces. If there is a consistent wind than a turbine can continue to generate electricity indefinitely. This is why wind energy is far more efficient than solar energy. Solar energy can only generate electricity when there is significant light. In an article by Jeffrey Winters (2003) “ a single utility – scale turbine, built from European designs, can provide enough electricity to power more than a thousand homes when the wind is blowing” (Jeffrey Winters, 2003). It is evident that wind power generates a significant amount of energy to be a viable energy solution for the world. In a large-scale wind farm the electricity is usually sent directly into the existing utility companies power grid where they sell the power to participating cities. In small-scale commercial and residential systems the energy generated from the turbines gets stored in batteries so that the energy can be stored or used on demand.
Wind power provides a clean eco-friendly source of energy that provides sufficient energy without polluting the environment. Wind energy may be a viable solution in improving air pollution and reducing the affects of global warming. Like most renewable energy sources wind energy is a zero emission energy source. If we were to replace most of our coal power plants with wind power we could greatly reduce the affects of acid rain. Samples of acid rain in the United States can be traced back to China where coal power is a significant source of energy. According to Camenson, & Finchum (2004) “As concerns about climate change and air pollution cause us to rethink our energy options, wind...

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