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Wind Power: A Clean Energy Source

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Oil is a non-renewable resource, commonly used today for energy, but it will be gone by 2040 if people constantly keep using it (Rickard 5). Because of this, the people on Earth need to find an alternative. Wind is a great option for people. Wind energy has come a long way through the years. Wind power has advantages and disadvantages.
To begin with, many people do not know the basics of the modern windmill, or how much they have improved throughout the years. A wind turbine is a machine that is used to change kinetic energy into electrical energy. The windmill most likely originated in present day Iran in the A.D. 600s. By the 1990s there were about 25,000 wind turbines in the world (Ilyin 332). In 2005, the United States Wind Energy Industry installed more than 2,300 megawatts in 22 states. One megawatt can supply 225-300 houses with power (“Wind Web Tutorial,” par. 18). Areas with good wind resources have the potential to supply up to 20 percent of the electricity in the United States (Passero 173). A wind turbine generally has three blades (“Wind Web Tutorial,” par. 4). Today, a horizontal axis is the most common, described as “propeller style”, the vertical axis is not nearly as common, described as “egg beater style” (“Wind Web Tutorial,” par. 6). The general wind speed in order for a small turbine to work is four meters per second (“Wind Web Tutorial,” par. 20). When a turbine is in use, only part of the kinetic energy is transferred to the blades. It converts approximately 40 percent into useful energy (Ilyin 332).
Furthermore, there are many advantages to wind power. Wind power is a clean energy resource. It gives off no pollution. Wind power can not be used up...

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