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Wind Type Essay

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Running Head: TYPES OF WIND ENERGYTypes of Wind Energy[Writer Name][Institute Name]Types of Wind Power EnergyIntroductionFirst of all we have a look to the Rotor. Rotor is the device which with the help of shaft converts it into the mechanical energy. Secondly, we came toward the gearbox. With the help of it for generator rational velocity is increased. Now we will come to the generator, the generator is the most important is the device which most probably used into the wind power energy and the most common thing in this is that which is the most important thing is that it gives electrical energy to the plant. Now protection and control system comes which is the most fascinating thing because in some emergency condition and situation this indicates that we can control it and protect it from the loss. This also indicates that whether the turbine is properly working or not. Now, we are moving towards the tower, so the function of tower is that it connects with the base of towers. At last the instrument comes which is known as foundation; in this fixing turbine on which base of turbine is standing into the ground strongly is the foundation.DiscussionThere are mostly two types of wind power energy one is vertical axis and secondly is the horizontal axis and these all are mainly different with their shaft rotors and their rotations.First of all, talking about the vertical axis that this vertical axis is not popular, fame and common as horizontal axis turbine, because the vertical axis is more famous than the horizontal axis. This axis only rotates vertically as this name indicates so the design and making, designing, manufacturing, creation and...

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2531 words - 10 pages into a puzzle that both fractions can work together to solve. Conclusion The issue of wind turbines on the health of the environment and to humans has been long argued over. This is due to the lack of data or data supporting each sides, the values and belief on wind turbines, the amount and type of experience of the individual and other variables. Due to the lack of data in the field, science is hardly used by both fractions. However, when

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1672 words - 7 pages people were avoiding using to use of wind energy. Because it needs more money and more space to built wind energy plant.Our societies really need to save natural sources like gas, fossil fuels, oil. Before some century we found Wind energy which was unbelievable and unlimited source. Our engineers are trying best to use this type of sources which can help our society. In 1930s wind energy was new technology and wind turbines were very big. At that

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1676 words - 7 pages resources when wind is not available to the public. Wind plants are controlled by nature and not by utility operators. Therefore, they cannot be relied on; 100% backup from dispatchable generation is required. (DeMeo) In reality, no power plant system is 100% reliable. During an outage, backup is provided by the entire interconnected utility system. Wind’s need for support of this type from the rest of the system will differ in degree from what is

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747 words - 3 pages WIND POWER Wind is one type of renewable energy that can be developed to generate free and clean energy replacing the one that be renewed and cause the pollution such as fossil fuel. Wind energy can be extracted by using the suitable wind turbine that is suitable with the current wind speed at observe location which is eastern coast of peninsula Malaysia. Generally, Malaysia has a potential to use the wind as alternative energy because of the

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1636 words - 7 pages Wind energy or wind power is the extraction of kinetic energy from wind and the conversion of it into mechanical energy. Man has harnessed the power of the wind for many centuries. Wind is a type of solar energy. The sun heats the earth’s surface and the warmer air begins to rise. Cooler air flows into the area below the rising air causing wind. The Egyptians utilized the wind as early as 5000 B.C. by attaching sails to propel boats across

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1466 words - 6 pages , the significance of wind energy originates from its friendly behavior to the environment and national security is associated with traditional sources of energy. These unique features of wind energy have caused increasing in demands for such resources in various countries. Stats and results represent that wind energy is the world’s fastest growing type of energy (Bilgili et al., 2011). Many countries have invested increasingly in wind power, over

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912 words - 4 pages electricity. There are two forms of coal available; thermal coal is the type used for generating electricity and metallurgical coal is used to produce steel. Figure 2: Presenting how coal is converted into electricity Alternatively, wind power is the conversion of wind energy into electricity by using wind turbines. This type of energy is clean and can be relied on for the future. Wind power provides a very low-cost, pollution


3276 words - 13 pages this figure suggests. The actual power will depend on several factors, such as the type of machine and rotor used, the sophistication of blade design, friction losses, and the losses in the pump or other equipment connected to the wind machine. There are also physical limits to the amount of power that can be extracted realistically from the wind. It can been shown theoretically that any windmill can only possibly extract a maximum of 59.3% of

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984 words - 4 pages later development of sail type windmills.The first windmills were developed to automate the tasks of grain-grinding and water-pumping. The earliest known design is the vertical axis system developed in Persia around 500-900 A.D.Vertical Axis windmills were also used in china, which is often claimed as the birthplace of windmill about 2000 years ago.THE FIRST USED OF WIND TO GENERATE ECLECTICITY.The first used of a large wind mill to generate

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1450 words - 6 pages say “good-riddance” to your electrical and heating bills as well, which will make the payments very much affordable. In conclusion, wind energy turbines are the most eco-friendly, renewable, and high-return type of energy generators available to the world today. The invention of wind turbines, especially the QuietRevolution helical wind turbine, has had a large technological impact on society. The turbine has brought wind generator technology to

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821 words - 3 pages Return on Energy Investment (ERoEI) they will do their part to decrease the use of fossil fuels and the eventual extinction of these forms of energy production. One excellent example of an alternative energy is wind-generated energy. This paper will specifically discuss several elements of small wind power.Small wind power is recognized as being any type of wind harvesting device that produces less than 100 kW. These wind turbines typically stand 7 to

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1233 words - 5 pages raging tornadoes. Whatever the amount of power in the wind, it can be harnessed by a machine called a wind turbine. The most common type of wind turbine has a horizontal axis, with two or more aerodynamic blades mounted on the horizontal shaft, (AccessScience, "Types of Wind Machines"). As the wind passes over a turbine's blade, pressure forms on the downwind side, thrusting it upward like a propeller. In these machines, the blades are designed to

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1114 words - 5 pages Introduction For our science fair project we will be building a wind turbine, and will be designing four different styles of blades and will test them. We will test to see which type of blade creates more energy. Before we started our project we had to find information on wind turbines. In the body of our research paper we will provide you information we found on our topic. Body Wind Power Wind power is a form of solar power

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1828 words - 7 pages Impact of Wind Energy). Overall wind energy is sustainable, and it has positive impacts in regards to the triple bottom line. There are definitely cons to living near a wind farm. Noise is a problem, but there are new designs that cut down on the noise emitted by the turbines (Maehlum). The Windstrument, for example is a new type of wind turbine that was developed to solve many of the problems that the traditional wind turbine created. The