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Window To The Soul How The Eyes Tell All

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Windows of the Soul: Eyes

“The Eyes are the window to your soul”. William Shakespeare.

Human eyes are perhaps the most crucial organs among the five body senses. Eyes serve a wide range of purpose to the human being but the most important is the fact that they are the link between an individual and his or her surroundings. A person’s self-awareness to their immediate environment is supported by the use of eyes, marking how essential they are to us. Magnificent scenes like the graceful lines of snow capped mountains, the lush prairies, the meandering rivers, the vast infinite oceans, and all other fabulous man made iconic structures, can only be aesthetically absorbed and artistically appreciated through our eyes. In addition, the entertainment content in media relayed through films and television, Internet games and books.

The eyes are the ideal way of detecting peoples’ honesty as well as other various emotions of interest depending on the situation. This simply means that human eyes are, therefore, the windows to the truth inside a person. One quick glance at a person and one can be able to instantly tell a few things about that person’s feelings, moods, or even personality. The eyes are seen as the window to the soul because they can give clues as to what another person is thinking. We all know that when people just smile with their mouths, the smile is probably false. When the smile includes the eyes, then it is probably genuine. The eyes are always believed to be the window of the soul since they not only help people to peek into our souls, but also enable our inside souls to peek at the outside world like a real window.
Human eyes are also emotional tools that can be used by other people to almost accurately assess on an individual’s feelings or emotions. It is easy to know how a person is feeling by simply staring at their eyes. Experts in anatomy believe the act of emotional connection through the eye contact is very important. This has been widely used in various fields to evaluate on peoples’ levels of communication skills. Apparently, it comes in very handy when a person knows when to make an eye contact and when to avoid one. Hidden thoughts, emotions, or attitudes become evident through some eye contacts. Research conducted by psychologists has found that even babies respond directly to their parents through eye contact, which helps them a lot in interacting and communicating with those they come across. Given that something as unintended as a blank stare may be translated to mean boredom, eye contact remains a vital medium through...

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