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Windows 2000 Professional Vs. Windows Xp

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It took approximately 10 years for Windows 2000 to arrive. In 1993 the new version of NT 3.1 shipped, followed by 3.5, 3.51, and 4. NT 5 arrived on the heels of the new millennium with a new name: Windows 2000. Shortly after that and at the beginning of 2001, the Windows XP operating system (formerly code-named "Whistler") was introduced.Though Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP Professional are both a multipurpose operating system with integrated support for client/server and peer-to-peer networks, each system has similar features and benefits including: lower total cost of ownership, security (both local and network), networking and communication services, internet integration, integrated administration, hardware support, and performance. And although Microsoft touts that Windows XP design goals were: richer communications, enhanced mobility features, to name a few, performance would have to play a major component if the additional design features would justify Microsoft's claim with all the aforementioned goodies that Windows XP is better than its predecessors (,Net Advisor, 2001).Independent tests (Etesting labs, 2001) indicate that performance is equivalent to the speed of Windows 2000 Professional, even with the addition of extensive new productivity features. Comparative tests show the Windows XP Professional outperformed Windows 2000 Professional in overall system performance, time to perform a system startup, time to launch an application, and time to resume from hibernation to an active state or standby modes.Testing by eTesting Labs, offering independent testing and research for the Internet and technology industry, indicates Windows XP provides superior performance in key performance categories.Among the lab's findings: Faster startup performance: Windows XP is on average 34% faster than Windows 2000. Equal run-time performance: This measurement refers to the speed at which Windows XP performs tasks while your computer is running. Improvements in Windows XP runtime performance are evident in application startup and time and resource management. For example, average application startup on Windows XP was equivalent to Windows 2000 Professional. Memory and Performance: In systems which include the recommended memory requirement of 128 megabytes of RAM, Windows XP is consistently superior to previous versions of Windows. Windows XP offers dramatically faster startup and resume times, highly responsive applications, and other new features such as Fast User Switching and an enhanced user...

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