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Windows 7 Review

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Microsoft’s recently released a new operating system known as Windows 7. This new operating system is Microsoft’s response to the outcry from customers for releasing Windows Vista. Windows 7 used the same structure as Vista but it built on key aspects such as security, performance, networking, and gaming of the operating system.
The improvements made in the security aspect of Windows 7 over the previous Windows operating systems have been significant. The vast improvements in the UAC (User account control) that was introduced in Windows Vista have been widely accepted and praised. While there was only the option to turn the UAC on or off in the new operating system you have much more control. There are multiple levels of control and you can even create your own profiles. “In Windows 7, Microsoft exposes multiple levels of UAC notification control, and has greatly toned down the number of notifications you’ll typically see. Whether you want granular control over the actions of each and every application you install, or simply opt not be bothered, you can choose the setting that’s right for you.” Bit Locker is also on the list of security of revisions made in Windows 7. The new addition is that bit locker now can be used on removable devices unlike Vista where you could only use it on the local hard drive. The new application which is known as application action center puts alerts and warnings into the taskbar on the desktop. Some other miscellaneous additions include a more reliable windows defender, the support for fingerprint scanners, and application locker which restricts programs based upon firewall profiles. When you add these small improvements together they contribute to keeping Windows 7 the most secure Microsoft operating system to date.
Performance was an issue with users with Windows Vista but not with Windows 7. Compared to Vista the boot time and shut down time of 7 was 30% faster in both categories. The speed of sleep mode and wake are also a vast improvement over Vista. While Windows 7 improved in the previous areas one area that is unchanged from Vista is the battery life. The average battery life of a laptop that uses either of these two operating systems seems to be the same. Not only was the battery life not improved some other areas did not improve which include overall performance. The only exception to this of course is when 3D performance is involved, but the performance only improved by a little amount at best. The startup time of certain programs were better in 7 and in other programs loaded faster in Vista. This was also true in video playback depending on what program was used. Playback was better in 7 when Windows Media Player was used but when another program was used the results were the same for Windows 7 and Vista.
The type of hardware required to run an operating system can be a big decision on which one to choose. Windows XP has the least demanding requirements out of these three...

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