Windows Advance Server 2003 Essay

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New Server Features* Disk Quotas- Allows administrators to control disk user disk usage keeping files and folders at a manageable size* Disk Defragmenter- With a defragmenter included there is no reason to purchase third party software lowering the total cost of ownership* NTFS 5- Supports compression, encryption, quotas, and up to 2TB volume size* Intellimirror- Extends the desktop polices to remote laptop users regardless of physical locations- Allows the administrator remote powers to upgrade, service, and install software on a central computer.- Also allows the administrator to remotely install operating systems on computers in the network.* Kerberos Security- Provides strong authentication services for client/server applications using cryptography* Clustering and Load Balancing-Hardware* Support for up to 8 Processors- Multiple processor support makes Windows 2000 Advanced server a good choice for enterprise applications such as Microsoft SQL and Exchange* Supports up to 8 GB of RAM- Compliments the processor support and continues the scalability for enterprise applications* Enterprise Memory Architecture- application memory tuning is also known as 4-gigabyte tuning (4GT), and Physical Address Extension (PAE)* Device Manager- Provides a centralized area for managing, upgrading, and installing devices* Multiple Monitor Support- Allows administrators to view more applications at once* I2O support is an architecture that allows for I/O devices to obtain a higher performance.* Plug-and-Play- Eases the installation of peripheral devices* Removable Storage - allows for rarely used files to be moved to inexpensive tapes or optical disks when free disk space drops below a specified level* Disk Management- Dynamic volumes work outside the limit of four partitions per disk- Local and remote drive management- Volume mount points can mount a...

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631 words - 3 pages organizational standards through the utilization of group policies. The IDC group did a study and determined, "Windows Server 2003 is 28.6% less expensive the Windows NT server and 11.5% less expensive the Windows 2000 Server when measured on the basis of a three-year TCO" (Gillen, 2004). As one can see from the IDC study, it is cost effective to move to Windows 2003 and use Active Directory.The best way to accomplish using Active Directory is

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3158 words - 13 pages , Microsoft is still in heavy competition for big money markets such as the server market.IT developers are shifting their concentration from Windows development to Unix/Linux development. In a survey conducted by Evans Data Corporation, 50% of developers surveyed focused on the development of Windows products in 2003, while 40% of the developers concentrated on Unix/Linux products (Petreley, 2003). In 2004, however, the tables were turned. Fifty

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1323 words - 5 pages and could run applications written for MS-DOS, Windows3.x and 9x. We now have operating systems that are much more secure and stable than Windows NT.References:Fegall, (2000-2006) Windows NT Boot Process Feb19, 2006, Charles and Jane (2003)"Survey of Operating Systems" Chapter 4Horowitz, Michael (2002)"Linux Versus Windows" Feb 20,2006 Daily, (1998) Win NT 101 Feb 18, 2006 Micronix Corporation (2001)"Windows NT Server" Feb 18,2006

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2597 words - 10 pages to use; for example Microsoft Windows Server requires a licence per computer it is installed on and for each client computer that accesses it; which can quickly become expensive as the system grows or is extended over the university." Microsoft offers flexible, cost-effective options for licensing the Windows Server 2003 family of products. Similar to previous Windows Server licensing models, one server license is required for each copy of the

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948 words - 4 pages , 1MB L2 cache. It has 512MB, DDR2 SDAM memory, 400MHz, ECC. It also a mouse, 17 inch flat panel monitor, and keyboard. The best server would be the Dell PowerEdge 1800 with an Intel Xeon processor, 3.2 GHz/2MB cache, 800MHz FSB, and Windows 2003 small business server already preinstalled. It has a 2GB DDR2 400 MHZ single ranked memory, 160GB 7.2K RPM SATA hard drive, CERC 6-Channel SATA RAID controller, Intel Pro 1000MT dual port gigabit network

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6523 words - 26 pages by the time projects are concluded. In fact, the latest Microsoft Windows 2003 has already been in the market right now and the company might want to divert to this application instead.3.3 IMPROVED BUSINESS SOLUTIONSReduced Total Cost Ownership (TCO)According to Steve Walters, IT Director at P&O Ferries, the use of the ES7000 server based solution has led to significant reduction in costs both in term of management, since fewer personnel are

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2398 words - 10 pages we talking about a workstation or a server operating system?From a home user's perspective, LINUX costs $0.00 compared to Microsoft Windows 2000's cost of $319.00. This seems like an easy choice but is made more complex due to the costs of Microsoft Windows 2000 being bundled into the costs of a new workstation and due to concerns over application compatibility and long term support costs.From a corporate user and administrator's perspective, the

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1632 words - 7 pages integration with wide variety of applications. Product URL: 2.b FileZilla Server: The FileZilla server is an open source free software, and it can be modified but with the permission of GNU general public license as per organisation’s need. Furthermore, it does support most of the Windows Microsoft products. Such as, Windows XP, Vista, Windows server 2003. Moreover, features like

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3522 words - 14 pages and cell security within there network (Blue Socket, 2005). Windows Server 2003 R2The world renowned Microsoft Corporation also offers an excellent server solution. Windows Server 2003 R2 ("release 2") is the updated version of Windows Server 2003. R2 includes all of the free out-of-band updates Microsoft shipped for Windows Server 2003 since April 2003, including the Group Policy Management Console and Windows Share Point Services. Microsoft

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