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Windows Phone Vs Android An In Depth Comparison

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Android is an operating system based on the Linux and designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablet computers . one of the most widely used mobile os these day is android .Android is a software bunch comprise not only os but also middleware and key application. Android was founded in palo alto of California ,U.S. by Andy Rubin ,Rich miner white in 2003. The client border of Android is based on direct modification, using touch inputs that loosely correspond to real-world actions, like swiping, patter, pinching, and reverse pinching to manipulate on-screen objects. Android allows users to customize their home screens with shortcuts to ...view middle of the document...

1 calendar with a new public API. Window phone 8.1 provides increasement to the “Word Flow” keyword that improves the exactness as well as institutes a Swipe like signal feature that brings the keyword much more in live with the capabilities of non-payment keywords for Android phones.
Application of Android phone:-
Android applications are calm of one or more application mechanism (activities, services, content providers, and transmit receivers) Each component performs a different role in the overall application behavior, and each one can be activated individually (even by other applications. The Obvious file must declare all components in the application and should also declare all application requirements, such as the minimum version of Android required and any hardware configurations required Non-code application resources (images, strings, layout files, etc.)should include alternatives for different device configurations (such as different strings for different languages)Google, for software development and application development, had launched two competitions ADC1 and ADC2 for the most modern applications for Android. It offered prizes of USD 10 million combined in ADC1 and 2. ADC1 was launched in January 2008 and ADC 2 was launched in May 2009. These competitions helped Google a lot in making Android better, more user friendly, advanced and interactive. It allows Android users to select, and download applications developed by third party developers and use them. There are around 2.0 lack+ games, application and widgets available on the market for users.Android applications are written in java programming language. Android is available as open source for developers to develop applications which can be further used for selling in android market. There are around 200000 applications developed for android with over 3 billion+ downloads. Android relies on Linux version 2.6 for core system services such as security, memory management, process management, network stack, and driver model. For software development, Android provides Android sdk.

Application of Window phone 8.1:-
The Windows Phone Store was redesigned in Windows Phone 8.1 to become more information-dense. App collections, which were formerly evident in a different page, are now fully featured on the front column of the Store. There is also no more distinction between Games and other apps; both now show up in the app list, although categories for apps and games (such as "most popular games" or "most popular apps") are still divided. App ratings have been designed to match those of Windows 8.1, with horizontal bars added to indicate how many 5-star, 4- star, or 3-star reviews an app has received. App screenshots now no longer have their own page, but can as a substitute can be viewed at the bottom of the app description page. Furthermore, the...

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