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Windows Versus Linux Essay

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Windows, and Linux are very different operating systems that are also very similar in multiple ways. Windows was first sold on November 20, 1985 under the name Windows 1.0. It was revolutionary for it's time. People had been used to using command line interface to type out there commands. Windows 1.0 allowed for them to just point and click on what they wanted. Then, along came Linux a few years later. Linux was revolutionary because it was Unix-like and it was open source. Open source meant that anyone could access the source code to tailor it to their liking. This has allowed multiple different versions of Linux to be produced since then including one called Lindows. Lindows is exactly what you would expect from the name. It is a version of Linux that looks and acts exactly like a modern day version of Windows. In the beginning the two operating systems showed promise of a brighter future for computing. However, one took off to grow exponentially while one was ignored.
Windows became the world's leading operating system in what felt like no time at all. It was created by Microsoft with the logo being a window colored with the colors red, green, blue, and yellow. It offered a friendly point and click interface that was completely different from the time period then continued to innovate it. Windows now has the largest software selection that is designed to accommodate the largest amount of end users. Along with the largest software selection is the largest game selection with most games available only for Windows. When shopping, most devices also come preloaded with a Windows operating system as well. Approximately “1.3 billion people use Windows every day” (“Microsoft by the Numbers”) to preform tasks. Since there are so many people that use it, there are also a lot of hackers that attempt to create greyware which is software that has malicious intent toward your computer. Not to mention that “over 1 million people are victims of cybercrime every day” (“Microsoft by the Numbers”) according to Microsoft. Purchasing Windows costs an amount in the range of fifty to two-hundred dollars depending on the version that you buy. However, Windows has support from Microsoft that is included as a warranty in case it fails but it is extremely limited. From present on back, Windows has been an influence in the computing world but it has not been the only option that people can seek out. It has simply become the most popular.
Linux has been the tech phenomenon that has helped to shape other Unix operating systems. It has become to be known as one of the most unique because it is open-source which means that anyone from the community can contribute to it to improve it. This has caused there to be multiple versions of Linux. Another benefit that is commonly found with Linux is that it is free to download depending on the version you want. The most popular version of Linux is called Ubuntu. Ubuntu is free to download and has a huge community for support....

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