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Wine: A Secret Ingredient To A Savoury Meal

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Using Wines in Cooking Delicious Food Recipes

Want to know a secret ingredient to a fine meal? Simply add wine to any food recipe—and your meal will never be ‘bland’ or ‘boring’.

Wine makes good food tastes even better. Apart from it being a perfect drink after a delicious meal, wines can also be used in cooking mouth-watering food recipes. Like spices and other food seasoning that add flavour to any dish, a drop of wine in your cooking can intensify, enhance and accent the aroma and flavour of your favourite dish.

Red or white, a variety of wines can be used as a marinade, a substitute for cooking liquid (i.e., vinegar), or as a flavouring to a finished dish. Indeed, adding wine into your cooking gives off a fragrant and mouth-watering smell that can entice any foodie out there.

But before you get excited and start using this ingredient into your favourite dish, there are things that you need to keep in mind when cooking with wines. Read on to know the basics in using wines as an ingredient to enhance the taste of any food recipe.

Don’t use a wine that you would never drink.

As a rule of thumb, never cook with a wine that you wouldn’t drink. This is because there’s a big chance that you won’t like the taste of your food once you make use of the wine that you don’t love. Also, avoid using wines that are labelled ‘cooking wines’ or ‘cooking sherry’ because they are made from cheap based ingredients and contain additives like salt and food colouring. To play it safe, cook with a wine that you love to drink.

Consider the food preparation (e.g., type of meat)

When cooking with wines, you need to consider the type of meat that you are cooking, and the way the meat will be prepared. For instance, a food recipe with a lot of spices usually needs a full-bodied wine. On the other hand, a food recipe with light or creamy sauce needs a drier, light wine.

Take a look at the wine’s component (e.g., acids or tannins).

Wines contain acids and tannins, which can show up on your cooking. So, if you want to maintain the balance in flavour, check your recipe for tannin or acid ingredients. Acids, like lemon juice and vinegar, give the wine its sharp bite. The acids in red and white wines help bring out the natural flavours in a mild food like fish and vegetables. In contrast, tannins give the red wine its bitter element, the same taste you will find in a strong cup of coffee or tea. Wines that contain tannins work well with strongly flavoured dishes and hearty food such as meats.

Enhance the flavour of any food recipe by adding wine at the right time.

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