Wings Chapter 1 Essay

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Two Years Later

Winter had just died out but spring hadn’t blossomed yet. The subtle reflection of the morning sun grazing through the window, the cold of the hardwood flooring was sending chills through my feet. Greenwood was one of the many of the suburban neighborhoods in Pennsylvania, it was quiet that was the only reason my mother moved us here for the quietness. She wanted to leave our busy lives in New York for here because she recently learned that she developed lung cancer and she wanted to live somewhere calm and serene.

The only good outcome of living in Greenwood was that my mother Lorraine, had finally taken a chance in dating again after my father died. My ...view middle of the document...

Countless amount of people pass my desk and were pleased with their partner, so I do wish that luck for me.

“Kylie Anderson, come pick” Mr. Hale announces, I get up from my seat and retrieve a folded, crumpled paper and hand it to Mr. Hale.
“Charlie Donovan here’s your partner” Mr. Hale says talking to a boy sitting in the back of the class, I've actually never seen him before not that I look in the back of the class, I should have recognized him in the hallway, but I didn't. I sit back down in my chair and I steal a glance at Charlie and his dark eyes look back at me and I turn around quickly. The forty-five minutes pass and the bell ring. I sling my bag over my shoulder and walk to the door when I am stopped by a hand is placed on my shoulder. I turn to face Charlie, his jet black hair is perfectly styled into a quiff and his deep black eyes were boring into mines. His hand stays rested on my shoulder blade.

“So where do you want to go” He deep husky voice calls

“Excuse me?” I say dumbfounded

“Our project?” He questions

“Oh yes, there’s a small restaurant downtown it’s called ‘Sugar Fish’ meet me there around 7pm Friday?” I ask buoyantly, the mysterious man in front of me simply nods.

“See you on Friday, Kylie” He says walking away from me, when he leaves I feel deprived and lost as if I needed somewhat more, I ignore that feeling and continue walking to my next class.


I was walking to Sugar Fish, the weather was bearable but a little windy, I wore a simple...

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